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July 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

In the study of Face Reading, the face can tell a lot about a person. Besides telling us about the character of a person, the face can also be used to forecast a person’s destiny. The nose is an important feature in a person’s face. A well-formed straight nose adds elegance to a face.

The nose represents wealth. To know a person’s capacity to earn and accumulate wealth, we study the nose. A straight nose bridge indicates that a person earns his or her income through legal means whereas a person with curved or crooked nose is likely to take under-table money.

In this issue’s Face Reading, we look into the Top 5 signs (some temporary, some permanent) that indicate that a person is likely to lose money.

1. Itchiness

The nose may sometimes feel itchy because of oiliness, a dusty environment or for no reason at all. Usually this feeling of itchiness on the nose indicates the likelihood of losing some money. It is usually a minor loss – money frittered away on unnecessary things to fulfill your short term desires.

2. Dry flaking skin or blackheads

If a person does not usually have skin problems, but suddenly finds small patches of dry flaking skin or blackheads on the nose, it is an indication that the person will need to foot out expenses. It will be a problem of their own doing, such as overdue installment payments which result in interest penalties.

3. Pimple

A pimple on the nose is another sign of losing money. When a pimple appears, it usually indicates that some form of minor accident will occur, which require you to compensate others. Pimples are also a sign of overspending and overindulgence. Money is spent on luxury items with the swipe of the credit card when you can’t afford it in the first place.

4. Exposed nostrils

Exposed nostrils on a person’s face indicates that a person is not careful with money. They do not have the discipline to save. These people are gullible when it comes money. They are the easy prey of schemers, sweet-talking salesmen and cunning friends.

5. Nasal hair

Exposed nasal hair at the tip of the nostrils is another sign of losing money. Usually laziness and lack of discipline is the cause of constant money worries and financial problem. Grooming is all about keeping good habits. Trimming the little strand of hair requires only a little discipline and time. This action also reflects your mindset about money and how you manage it.

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