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Who won the smartphone war – iOS or Android?

March 21, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Business

”There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

Does the above proverb ring true for you? Success is attained by commoners like us, but how long you ride that wave of success is what truly matters!

As a brand, any guesses about who is the centre of your Universe? Is it your website, mobile app or Facebook page? None of these matter as much as customer service for any brand seeking a top spot.

Now, let us spill some beans about iOS vs Android war – a never-ending debate. On a technical note, iOS and Android are operating systems by Apple and Google respectively. Being a powerful OS, iOS is an invincible weapon of Apple gadgets making it a massive success. Coming on to iOS app, the army of developers are burning the midnight oil to meet their users’ expectations.

Is Android doing the same for their users? No, despite releasing software updates timely, they bloat their store with irrelevant apps. Apple always proves its mettle by updating its devices with latest softwares and features. This makes many native iOS development companies in India to evolve and develop iOS apps.

Want to know why Apple stands out from the crowd? As soon as the update is out, it makes available on every carrier, while Android takes an ample time to do so. Plus, Android apps do not have clear graphics, clean design as their iOS counterparts.

Ever considered selling your iOS or Android phone? Do you know that an old iOS phone is worth more when you resell it. And when it comes to sell an old android device, even a flagship device costs better. A high demand and better quality mark a subtle resale value of iOS devices.

Apple store is the next big, supportive thing for iOS users. Whenever your electronic toy breaks or faces any accidental damage, Apple store works even faster than a metro and resolves your problem as fast as it can.

If you’re a music freak, you can take better advantage of iPhone! Controlling playback features of iPhone grab the brownie points when it comes to considering the music player on the whole. Taking control of your music player functions gives you a satisfactory small win entailing playing, pausing, skipping forward or coming back to a track along with volume up and down buttons without even grabbing the phone!

Lastly, iMessage, Facetime audio and video are fast and simple services that make communication with other iPhone users feasible.

Always remember, it is not your aptitude, but your attitude that determines your altitude and its iPhone’s attitude that determines its altitude.

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