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Widespread Handicrafts in India

August 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Visual Art

Handicrafts items is more popular and attractive than artificial, things or arts made by hands is known as handicrafts. Handicrafts is always lasts a long and attractive impression on people who love the tradition culture and vibrant color. India rank most important exporter of Handicrafts in world. Each state has its unique handicrafts products. Crafts has been made from various things out of wood, metals, paper, clay and stones. In India arts and crafts industry generate large employment in rural regions as they form the true and creative pieces of arts and handicrafts.

Handicrafts sector is the being the most important for Indian Economy as it one of the largest employment generator and possess a significant share in export sector. Some important states contributes to Indian economy in Handicrafts are Saharanpur best known for its wooden goods located in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Orissa for its applique and metal work, Assam for Terracotta works, South India for cotton crafts, sandalwood crafts, stone crafts, mask making and silk making, Gujarat for textile and fabrics, Kashmir for woolen handicrafts. These are the most well-known states for production and manufacture of handicrafts, but the actual list is endless.

Some Popular Category of Indian Handicrafts

Brass handicrafts – Brass is the popular metal and has a gleam and shine more durable than other handicrafts. Items made of brass is lord Ganesh door wall hanging, Buddha sculpture, Bowls and glasses extensively used in Indian houses and showpieces in showrooms and offices. These artisans are famously known as “Kansaris”. The manufacturing of brassware is mainly done in Rajasthan.

Clay Handicrafts and Pottery – The most primeval and popular handicrafts of India. People engaged in pottery are called “Kumhaars”.  The artisans of Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur, Kutch, forms clay handicrafts which is a practical range of Handicrafts.

Jute Handicrafts – Jute is the eco-friendly fiber and bio degradable, the craftsman created a forte in the fields of jute handicrafts. There is wide range of jute handicrafts which includes jute bags, designer handbags, office stationaries, wall and door hanging handicrafts. West Bengal, Assam, and Bihar is the leading jute producer in India.

Paper Handicrafts – Colorful papers are combined together to form primitive and varied handicrafts like paper bags, decorative flowers, lamp shades and handmade fans etc. Paper Mache, developed in the Mughal Era is even a famous form of paper handicraft in India.

Wood Handicrafts – Olden form of Handicrafts it came into existence before the time of stone sculpture, varieties of goods are created using wood by expert craftsman by giving perfect shape and design. Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala and Uttar Pradesh are known for their unique form of woodwork. Axes, toys, utensils, decorative pieces, jewellery and many more designer household goods like lamp shades, candle stands, vermillion boxes, jewellery boxes, bangle holders etc. are some of the common wood crafts used in almost every Indian house.

In 2014–15, Indian handicrafts exports stood at US$ 4.5 billion, up approximately 15.4 per cent over the previous year’s exports. Exports of Indian handicrafts have increased at around 16.4 per cent since 2008–09.


Other than these handicrafts category India have major sections of arts and crafts in Stone, hand embroideries, leather, textile, Bone, shell, Dhokra, and Metal handicrafts. Ecommerce website like Utsavkraft the unique online handicraft platform for such Indian Handicrafts products, which are popular in International Markets.


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