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Why Escape Rooms in Dallas Are the Perfect Team Building Tool?

August 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Sports & Recreations

If you are looking forward to finding unconventional and enthusiastic training modules for a tech-obsessed modern workforce, escape room in Dallas is the perfect choice for you. Escape room is an adventure game filled with enthusiasm, thrill, curiosity, and quest. This innovative idea is gaining huge popularity nowadays. People from the city of Dallas are daring and fervent to take this game for fun, entertainment, and learning.

There are many variants of this game that are attracting the youth brigade of modern enterprises. Among its various types, escape room with zombies is the most spectacular and thrilling. It comes forth as a challenge for participants to conquer their fear. At the same time, it helps them to develop important managerial skills. If you have still not tried this adventure, you must go ahead for it. But before you proceed, here are the unique characteristics of this game that you should know.

Entire Group Trapped Inside One Room :

First of all, it is not really scary and horrifying. The escape rooms in Dallas are specifically designed with a vintage look to make you feel the ambiance. It is only one escape point. You have to find clues, solve riddles, and puzzles to find the key which is hidden in the room itself. The room will be filled with books, scraps, cupboards, bench, etc. and you have to lift, pull, open, push, and check every object to find the first hint. It gives the trapped group only one aim which is to get out of this room within the stipulated time.

Allows a Time of 60 Minutes :

The participants are trapped inside the room for sixty minutes. Everyone in the room checks the objects by shaking, twisting, or pulling to get clues as quickly as possible. Once they get a puzzle to solve, the time of escape will depend on how promptly they can unlock the clues. However, the puzzles are not ordinary. You have to use brain to solve these tricky mind puzzles. If you are good at math or in cracking conundrum, then this restricted time of one hour will really test your skills.

Party with the Zombies :

This is most entertaining and pressing feature in the adventure of escape room in Dallas. They put zombies chained to the walls of room purposely to add thrill and fear into the game. Although they are unreal, but special effects and theatrical accents make them scary enough to invoke panic. To escape from the zombies, the entire team has to be really fast in solving the riddles.

In the beginning, the zombie is chained, but with every five minutes passing by, it comes 1 foot closer to you. That adds more pressure and interest in the game. You have to stay away from zombie to win the game of escape room in Dallas. If any member is touched by a zombie, he or she will not able to participate in any activity. These participants will be able to help vocally, but not physically. So, you have to break the shackles before zombies set free and wreak havoc on your team.


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