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Why And How To Write A Textbook

April 2, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Small Business

This article covers one of the most neglected part of book writing- the student textbook writing. There are many who publish there researches regularly in academic monographs or journal articles. But there are few who consider text book publishing. This articles will not only help you with why you should consider writing a textbook but also give you some important points that must be considered while writing a textbook.

Why should one write a textbook? In India, almost all competitive exams are based on NCERT book. So, why should one waste time in writing a textbook. Of course, all the examinations are based on NCERT but students do follow some reference books to have better understanding of a concept. There are very limited book in the market that have all the latest researches embraced in it. Student wastes lot of time in searching their queries on internet. They do not get all the information gathered at a place in such a manner that they can understand it easily. Many articles on internet use jargons without explaining it.

Students, nowadays, have such a busy schedule. They are always running from school to coaching to tuition but they hardly get to know a topic in an interesting manner which can engage them and develop interest in their mind. A good book can do this job and make life of student much easier.

  • The title- First impression is the last impression. The title of a book makes it’s first impression. So, it should be simple but descriptive. It should be closely aligned to the subject or topic your book is intended for.
  • Writing style and sample chapters- The writing style should be as accessible as possible. Try explaining each concept in an interesting manner. Give examples with which students can relate. Overall flow of the book must be light. There is already enough pressure on shoulders of a student that he cannot carry the burden of one more book.
  • Get feedback for a chapter or two- You can publish a chapter or two on internet and ask your peers as well as students to comment about it. This will help you to know what are the things lacking from your side and also what the students want. Feedback from students are important if you are writing a textbook. You are writing something for students so you must have knowledge about what they want their book to be like.

Pedagogical features– A successful textbook is that which is recommended by most of the lecturers and also that is bought by most of the students. There are few things that make your book more student friendly. You can incorporate these features as you write the book Adding up these things at last will be a big mess leading to failure. Do not worry about the layout at this moment, that can be sorted out afterwards.

  1. Summary- At the beginning of the chapter, in short, precise and simple points tell what all will be covered in that particular chapter. This makes student prepare about what they are going to study in the whole chapter. If you are planning to divide your books in parts, that is also recommended by many authors, then a summary of each part should be there at the beginning of each part.
  1. Within chapter summary- If a chapter is quite long then it is better to add within chapter summary after completing two to three concepts. It will be easy for the student to revise the topic. Do not go into details of a concept in summaries. One or two lines about important concepts and points will be enough. This also helps student in memorizing and he is not bombarded with too many things at a go.
  1. Question box- Within a chapter, you can insert small question box that covers answer to possible queries that a student can have. This helps student in understanding better.

If you add these features in your book you can get any school book publishers in India to publish your book. You can have a look at onlinegatha site for more information about book publishing and book writing.

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