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What is Web Testing?

July 8, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Careers

What is Web Testing?

Web Testing which is a part of software testing, is simply checking your web program for potential bugs before its made live or before code is shifted into the production environment. During this stage issues such as that of web program protection, the performing of the site, its accessibility incapable as well as regular users and its ability to handle traffic is examined.

Web Application Testing Checklist:

Some or all of the following types of testing may be performed based upon on your web testing requirements.

1. Functionality Testing :

This is used to see if your product is as per the requirements you intended for it as well as the efficient requirements you charted out for it in your developing certification.Testing Actions Included:

Test all hyperlinks in your websites are operating properly and and then create sure there are no broken hyperlinks. Links to examined will comprise of –

Confident links

Internal links

Core Links

MailTo Links

2. Usability testing:

Usability testing has now become part of any web based project. It can be carried out by evaluators like you or a small focus team similar to the target market of the web program.

Test the site Navigation:

Choices , control buttons or Links to different websites on your site should be easily visible and consistent on all webpages

Test the Content:

Material should be readable with no punctuation or lexical mistakes.

Pictures if present should contain an “alt” text

3.Interface Testing:

Three areas to be tested here are – Application , Web and Information source Server

Application: Analyze demands are sent properly to the Information source and outcome at the client part is shown properly. Errors if any must be caught by the program and must be only proven to the manager and not the customer.

Web Server: Analyze Web server is managing all program demands without any service refusal.

Information source Server: Ensure that concerns sent to the database give expected results.

Test program reaction when relationship between the three levels (Application, Web and Database) can not be established and appropriate message is proven to the customer.

4.Database Testing:

Database is one critical component of your web program and pressure must be laid to evaluate it thoroughly. Testing activities will include-

Analyze if any mistakes are proven while performing queries

Information Reliability is managed while creating , upgrading or removing data in database.

Examine reaction duration of concerns and optimize them if necessary.

Analyze data recovered from your database is proven perfectly in your web application

5. Compatability testing:

Compatibility assessments helps to ensure that your web program shows properly across different devices. This would include-

Browser User interface Test: Same web page in different internet browsers will display in a different way. You need to evaluate if your web program is being shown properly across internet browsers , javascript , AJAX and verification is operating excellent. You may also check out Mobile Internet browser User interface.

The making of web elements like control buttons , written text areas etc changes with change in Working System. Ensure that your site performs for various combination of Operating-system such as Windows , Linux system , Mac and Browsers such as Chrome , Internet Traveler , Opera etc.

6.Performance Testing:

This will ensure your site performs under all plenty. Testing activities will comprise of but not limited to –

Website program reaction periods at different relationship speeds

Fill try out your web program to find out its behavior under regular and optimum loads

Stress try out your web site to find out its break point when forced to beyond regular plenty at optimum time.

Analyze if an accident occurs due to optimum load , how does the site restore from such an event

Ensure that optimization techniques like gzip pressure , browser and server part storage cache allowed to reduce load times

7. Security testing:

Security assessments important for e-commerce web page that store delicate customer information like bank cards.Testing Actions will include-

Analyze illegal accessibility secure websites should not be permitted

Limited files should not be down-loadable without appropriate access

Examine classes are instantly murdered after extended customer inactivity

On use of SSL accreditations , web page should re-direct to secured SSL websites.

8.Crowd Testing:

You will choose a huge number of individuals (crowd) to operate assessments which otherwise would have been implemented a choose individuals the company. Crowdsourced assessments an interesting and future concept and helps uncover many a unseen problems. You get a software testing job in Pune by joining software testing training institute.

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