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What is Off Page SEO? – CRB Tech

June 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in SEO

CRB Tech reviews would like to enlighten you on the topic Off page SEO via this blog.

Off Page SEO is nothing but ways or methods to improve the ranking or position of a website on the results page of a search engine (SERPs). Off page SEO is not just related to link building. Off page SEO is related to various promotional methods apart from the website design. The sole purpose being improving the position of a website in search results.

The Concept of SEO:

Search engines are utilizing complex algorithms to figure out which pages to incorporate into their indexes and the request they demonstrate these pages in the search results. SEO is the best approach to “speak” to web crawlers in a dialect they can comprehend and give them more insights regarding a site.

Search engine optimization is the term used to portray an arrangement of procedures that point in optimizing a site for search engines. SEO is vital for getting quality traffic as well as an approach to build the credibility of a site and to extend brand awareness.

Dissimilar to on page SEO, following activities come under off page SEO that fall outside the limits of webpage:

  • Social Media

  • Link building

  • Social bookmarking

Let us see them in more detail.

  • Social Media:

Online networking or social media is a piece of ‘off-site SEO’ and looking at the situation objectively, it’s additionally a type of link building. It ought to be noticed that the greater part of the links you get from social media platforms are “nofollow” yet this doesn’t imply that they don’t have any worth.

Social media mentions are making progress as ranking variables and legitimate design of social networking profiles can likewise help SEO.

  • Link Building:

External link establishment or link building, is the most prevalent off-Page SEO technique. Essentially by building outer links to your site, you are attempting to accumulate the same number of “votes” as you can with the goal that you can sidestep your rivals and rank higher. For instance on the off chance that somebody loves this article and references it from his/her site or blog, then this resemble telling search engines that this page has great data.

Throughout the years, webmasters were attempting to build links to their sites with the goal that they rank higher and they “invented” various approaches to expand link count. The most well known ways are:

  1. Blog directories:

Similar to yellow pages, however every entry was a link back to a site.

  1. Comment link:

The same idea as forum signatures where you remark on some other site or blog with a specific end goal to get a back link. Much more terrible, rather than making use of your real name you could utilize keywords so as opposed to writing ‘remark by Alex Chris’, you wrote ‘comment by How to lose weight’ or anything comparative.

  1. Article directories:

By publishing your articles on an article directory, you could get a link back to your site. Few article directories acknowledged just exceptional content while different directories acknowledged anything from rewritten articles to effectively published articles.

Notice that we utilized the past tense to depict all the above strategies on the grounds that not just they don’t work today, you ought not attempt them since you will probably get a penalty as opposed to a rise in rankings (particularly with regards to Google).

  • Social bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is not as famous as it used to be in the past yet it is still a decent approach to get traffic to your site. Contingent upon your corner you can discover sites like,,, and (to give some examples) for promoting your content.

Importance of Off-Page SEO :

Search engines have been striving for a considerable length of time to figure out how to give back the best results to the searcher. To do that, they consider the on-site SEO variables (depicted over), some other quality components and off-page SEO.

Off page SEO gives them a decent sign on how the World (different sites and clients) see the specific site. A site that is helpful will probably have references (links) from different sites; it will probably have a place on social media (Facebook likes, tweets, Pins, +1’s and so forth.) and it will probably be bookmarked and shared among groups of similarly minded individuals.


Here are a few benefits of successful off-site SEO:

  • Increased rankings:

Ranking will improve, which means more and more traffic.

  • More exposure:

Higher rankings likewise implies more noteworthy exposure since when a site positions in the top ranks: it gets more links, more visits and more online networking mentions. It resembles a ceaseless grouping of events where one thing prompts another and afterward to another and so forth.

  • Rise in page ranks:

Page rank is a number somewhere around 0 and 10 which shows the significance of a site according to Google. It is the framework developed by Larry Page (one of Google’s founder members) and one reason that Google was so effective in demonstrating the most significant results to the searcher. Page rank today is stand out of the 250 factors which Google is utilizing to rank sites.

This was an in depth look into the concept of off page SEO.

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