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What is it like to be sponsored by Tracey Walker in the Empower Network?

October 15, 2016 | Author: | Posted in MLM

I am writing this article for people who are sponsored by Tracey Walker or other 6 or 7 figure earners in the Empower Network.  Tracey Walker is one of the richest woman in online marketing.  I want to say right off the bat that I am not saying anything negative about her in this article it is just that there has been a lot of lows and highs because of certain things in my life such as not having enough money to invest in my online business.  This one factor has prevented me from doing a lot of the things, that Tracey Walker would suggest I do but the problem there is it all involves investing more money than what I feel comfortable investing in it involved different things.  The problem I described above is a problem that I think many affiliates of the Empower Network and/or Project Titan have because think about what made these people join Empower Network and/or Project Titan in the first place they saw it as a way to fix their financial problems.

         Tracey Walker is big on two things she likes to tell people to follow the 8 core commitments and also to attend all the Empower Network events which takes place every 90 days.  Actually, attending all of the Empower Network events is one of the eight core commitments.  I actually don’t have a problem with most of the eight core commitments the problem comes up with three of the core commitments for me which all involve investing more money than I would feel comfortable investing  in, 1) One of the core commitments is listen to the Inner Circle every day.  Now, this core commitment is a little bit of a choice for me my marketing budget is high enough that I could afford to buy solo ads from legitimate solo ad providers every 2 or 4 weeks however if I invest $100.00 more per month to become an inner circle member than I won’t be able to afford to buy paid traffic which has helped me to generate more leads than what  would be doing with just free traffic.  The inner circle membership are audios that focus more on your mindset than teaching marketing strategies to generate leads.  I don’t know if listening to the inner circle will help me to generate more leads for the $100.00 per month it will cost me.
         A majority of the Empower Network leaders will tell you to buy the entire Empower Network library is another core commitment and use the products.  I already know it would cost me more than $5,000 to do this it would be way above my marketing budget.  Also, another thing that a majority of Empower Network leaders will tell you to attend events every 90 days.  I don’t have a problem with paying for a ticket to attend the event.  The problem is the events are held in different states far away from where I live which is in New York City.  So, it would cost me a lot of money to stay in a motel or a hotel for any length of time past a few days.  The Empower Network event itself is only 1 to 2 days long but sometimes Tracey Walker will organize a mastermind for all the Dream Team members but Tracey Walker charges about $500 for a single person and $750 for a couple to attend the mastermind sessions.
         The mastermind sessions usually go on for a whole week now sometimes she has conditions where she holds the masterminds in places where people can actually stay, but sometimes depending on the situation you may have to shell out extra money to stay at a hotel or motel you maybe in this other city for 2 weeks meaning it will really cost you several hundred dollars to attend the Empower Network event.  I wouldn’t mind attending a livestream event where I could watch it from a computer near the city I reside in but traveling is too expensive for many people.
         Now, that I have talked about the problems with doing some of the things that Tracey Walker suggests you do I want to now present a couple of potential solutions.  I know for a lot of people money is very tight and they can’t afford to do certain things.  The first potential solution I am going to suggest is if you can or are in a position to do so go out and look for a higher paying job.  I am currently doing this and getting a higher paying job will allow you to have more money to invest in your online business.  I know a lot of people will say this is not a good idea because getting another job will just tie up more of your time and you won’t ever get into a mindset where you are anble to divorce yourself from the idea of working a job and thinking that putting more time for a higher salary will work for you but it will definitely put more money in your pocket.  The one big thing this will do for you is to take the pressure off of you and allow you to run your online business under less stress, with more efficiency and effectiveness.  The one thing that getting a higher paying job won’t allow you to do is to attend the Empower Network events because when you get a new job you will have to go through a lengthy probationary period where you won’t be able to take time off from the new job.  So when you think about it, most part time EN affiliates won’t be able to attend the Empower Network events either because of a lack of money or a lack of time.
         The second potential solution is to utilize something called a funded proposal system on the front end of all of your marketing that you are doing online.  I will briefly explain what is a funded proposal system it is a marketing system that allows you to generate leads utilizing lead capture pages that target a particular target audience.  Also, a funded proposal system may have trainings on different internet marketing strategies and usually they allow you to generate three types of income the first type of income is: (1) product income – these are one time commission checks for selling other people’s internet marketing products (2) top tier income – this is where you earn a one-time commission check of $1000 or more for selling either the annual My Lead System Pro annual membership or another person’s internet marketing product (3) continuity income – this is different from residual income you will earn from your network marketing company, this would be monthly income from the monthly fees that the funded proposal system usually charges people.  The income from a funded proposal system is separate from the income you will get from your primary MLM company.  So, if you have can’t follow all of Tracey Walker’s advice because of a lack of money then either getting a higher paying job or utilizing a funded proposal system would be a solution.
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