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Wedding Dress Storage Bags : An Easy and Hassle Free Means to Preserve your Special Clothes

May 6, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Marriage

No bride likes to part with the dress she wore on her special day. Preservation of wedding dresses after the ceremony is as important as taking care of them before the wedding. For storing wedding dresses, special bags and kits are available in the market, manufactured specifically for this purpose.

The purpose of a wedding dress storage bag

The main objective in using a preservation bag is to protect the dress in its pristine state for years together, without causing even the slightest of damage or disfiguration. Unlike wedding dress boxes, these bags generally allow wedding gowns to be preserved in an unfolded manner, thereby preventing formation of creases from continued storage. The bags also protect the garment inside from sunlight and dampness, and avoid attack by insects, mildew etc. The bags are made of materials that keep the wedding dress pH neutral, meaning they do not get damaged from exposure to acidic or alkaline materials either from the bag or the surroundings.

Material types

Wedding dress storage bags are mainly available in fabric and plastic variants. The former is preferable as fabric bags let the garments inside breathe. Plastic bags on the other hand may be easier to handle but can cause damage to the gown from temperature changes or humidity. These also cause moisture to condense on the surface of the wedding dress/gown, thereby promoting the growth of mildew, or causing it to change color, and lose strength. Fabric bags with tighter weaves are more preferable as they let moisture out, but do not let dampness or water to seep in; thereby preventing damage to the garment. Those made from nylon and Teflon are water resistant while those from muslin are pH neutral and keep the gowns acid/alkaline free.

Size and shape variants

Wedding dress storage bags generally come in rectangular or semi rectangular shapes. However, special bell shaped bags are available that can hold wide bottomed and full skirts with ease. Also, these storage items come in different sizes, depending on the needs. Some bags are created specifically to hold extra trains and veils without hassles.

Other features

Bags for preserving wedding dresses have different types of closures. Those with buttons or zip locks are most preferred as they seal in the garment completely and protect it from sunlight, dust, and insects that may otherwise creep in through the teeth of regular zipper. Some of them have buttons or even overlap features for additional protection. Though most bags are opaque to keep away sunlight and UV rays, some of them come with transparent panels for ease of viewing the garment inside. Some Storage bags also come with handles that allow them to be carried around easily. Some manufacturers of this item also let consumers personalize the preservation kit by embroidering or engraving initials and names onto the bag. Such features make them more attractive and enticing.

When chosen carefully, wedding dress storage bags go a long way in preserving your dresses as well as memories from the special day.


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