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What Web Design trends have you seen till now?

April 15, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Networking

100 days over and 2016 has scored a century! UX/UI design has gained its much needed importance in app development. Even if an app is stuffed with a bunch of great features, it won’t succeed unless it is interactive.

Let us figure out in what direction UX/UI industry is headed in 2016. What changes have you noticed till now? Have you heard the term ‘Flat UI’? Are you still hooked up to skeuomorphic designs from 90’s? If yes, then time to get rid of it and go ahead.

There was a time when a button looked like a button on computers and phones, but that scenario does not exist anymore as far as a flat UI concept is there. It has transformed into a button design and is more of an interpretation. This concept has made easier for UX and UI software development companies to work out on a button, just a square shaped button with no more complexities.
Let’s proceed further. Do you think about cross-platform designs? Will they keep gaining popularity?
Android and iPhone, being two different platforms, people are still able to make a strong grip between the two, of course with a few exceptions. Like an iPhone has a smooth, but a little weird motion design, while on the other hand, Andorid is easily accessible with a linear motion.

Moving on to Google’s material design, what is your opinion on it? Are you aware of this term and its technical role? It’s amazing and Google has spent an ample time to make certain things recognizable easily avoiding chaotic situations. The surprising thing is its influential style as compared to Apple’s UI as when a normal user switch over to iPhone from Android, things get a bit confusing in terms of icons and search bars.

Apart from above mentioned trends trending in 2016, there is one thing that has gained visitors’ attention – single page websites. Yes and the reason behind is scrolling. People are used to scrolling than clicking. Hence, if a site is more vertical than horizontal, then it could also help out in increasing conversion rate as scrolling is comparatively easier for desktops and smartphones.

Hidden menu is one of the things, designers are working on to integrate mobile and web designs simultaneously. It is not a conventional kind of menu, a menu with tiny icons that does not cover a whole quarter of a screen.

Lastly, if we talk about fonts, then Sans-serifs, both bold and thin styles are trending and will do the same in the upcoming days in 2016 as well. And the unforgettable minimal design is growing its popularity.

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