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UX concept and its correlation with Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

March 31, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Computers & Technology

”It’s not a challenge of technology. It’s the challenge of your imagination.”

This gem of a quote purely summarizes the importance of UX that leads to more conversions. UX is taken as a big part of conversion optimization process, but the main question arises how do UX people view this optimization process?

First off, before proceeding further, let us spill some beans on what do UX professionals think about conversion optimization and how do the both terms differ in execution. By including UX/UI concept into website optimization, you can turn a thorough website traffic into an interactive personal experience with a decent number of leads, profits and sales. It can be described as a structured approach emphasizing on improving business metrics.

Further, the UX concept is based on psychological principles of learning, perception, behavior, and a desire to decision-making. While CRO follows the same principles, but it also focuses on persuasive marketing strategies aiming to manage users’ experiences that bump your visitors-turn-customers with an urge to make a better purchasing decision.

On a technical note, many UX and UI software development companies in India believe that the content of a webpage above-the-fold space is the most valuable thing. This above-the-fold content must be enough to encourage scrolling and change the game. It could be anything like larger-than-life images, animated videos, and more, but avoid unnecessary information. Before a user clicks on CTA, you need to encourage your visitors to scroll down to know about detailed information of your product/service.

Next, coming on to the web design things – an important task. Let us clear you that users perceive simple and familiar designs more beautiful.

Have you ever wondered why we are automatically dragging towards the top left area of the screen looking for navigation? Why we always get attracted towards colored text or comfortable scrolling down the sideways? Mere-exposure effect makes us to prefer things we are familiar with.

Now, answer this one: How carefully do you go through the terms and conditions before installing any software or game?

That’s my point. None reads except lawyers as they get paid for that. Though, high resolution visuals and colored animations catches our eyes than words, but keep in mind users always scroll looking for a piece of information.

Lastly, make conversion experience for your customer a Ferris wheel kind of journey rather than a roller coaster. Show recommendations for products/services, encourage social shares, referrals, offer freebies to show your appreciation, etc. Saying thank you is regarded as a good etiquette as well.
Just remember one more thing – Like SEO and CRO, UX and CRO can work together by pouring great efforts by professionals.

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