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Using the power of video to sell your product

January 18, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Small Business

A product video is an unbelievably powerful tool and very underestimated. In relation to my own ecommerce store one of the suppliers had taken the time to create a product video for all the products that they manufactured. I developed my website to integrate product videos into the product page. I planned on including my own product video reviews at a later date to the site, which I did.

When I analyzed my online sales I was surprised to see that one particular brand had sold much better than the other brands (three times as much). I was also surprised because this particular brand was not a top brand. The products sold well because the supplier had taken the time to develop product videos. The videos were clear, well demonstrated and explained the benefits of the product very clearly.

When I started to add my own videos to the site, I found that videos on You Tube proved to be great source of traffic, you can also demonstrate and convey your area of expertise. I was also the first to review certain products on You Tube which gave me substantial organic traffic to my own site. Your ability to demonstrate your expertise builds trust with your target audience and your reputation or brand is also bolstered as a result.

When I do record a product video I usually have to complete a number of takes before I get one I’m happy with. This is a combination of getting familiar with my script and getting across the key points without forgetting anything important or drawing a blank which can sometimes happen.

Be relaxed, do not come across like you have learned something off by heart. I like to have a script typed out, however I do not read from the script word for word. I follow a product review guide template and write approximately 500 words in the product review. I then post the review to my blog and print out to use as my script. A good tip also is to paraphrase your review and use it as your video summary on You Tube.

Try to memorize the key points from your script so that you can talk around them with confidence. Much like any good sales person in a store would be able to advise you of the product advantages and the benefits that product brings.

Check out my review of a golf set below as an example of using a simple You Tube Video to sell a product

You don’t need to go for the hard sell, you want people to trust you not be wary of you. You need to be able to relate to your target audience.

Make sure that you are clean and well presented, smart casual is generally the best approach however this can vary depending on the audience you are pitching to. Remember to smile, do not look down, do not talk quickly, do not mumble, do not lie or exaggerate the product benefits. A lot of webmasters are using a simple 5 to 10 minute video to sell their products. A good sales pitch confidently presented will get you sales.

A good video is an important sales tool, try not to “settle” on a take, have a few attempts you can always decide which one to use later on . No one is suggesting that it has to be 100% perfect but equally a video thrown together with not a lot of effort put into the content will be quite apparent to your audience.

I invested in a camera tripod that has adjustable heights, this avoids any unnecessary shaking. Take your time to set the camera up correctly so that you are not too far away or equally too close to the camera. Make sure that you can be seen and that it is not to dark, you don’t want to give the impression of being “shady” or in the shadows.

Practice, take any household object write out a quick script remembering to get across the key benefits of the object. Now learn the key points, set the camera up and do a product review into the camera. When I did my first review I looked a bit wooden, however I became more comfortable in front of the camera over time as I did more reviews.

You Tube is a great way to build up a relationship with your customers online

It was also encouraging when people called into my store complimenting me on the video I had done and how useful they found it. Another benefit of selling digital products over physical products is the digital product is not going to become outdated or discontinued. Some of the products I reviewed in older videos are no longer available, yet I still get customers looking to purchase them.

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