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Unlock disabled locked apple ipod id due to lost forgotten password

July 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Electronics

Unlock disabled locked apple ipod id due to lost forgotten password and locked due to security reason.

This article guide you how to reset lost forgotten password when your apple ipod username is locked disabled. Different method to unlock apple ipod username when it is locked due to lost forgotten password.

If you are using apple ipod touch ipod nano, iphone or ipad than it may happen that you lost your apple id password or you have entered wrong password many time and due to security reason your ipod apple id locked or disabled.

Ipod Apple id can be unlocked by either recover the lost forgotten password or reset the ipod apple id password. Here I am going to explain both how to recover ipod lost password and how to reset lost ipod’s apple id password.

Recover apple ipod username lost password to unlock disabled apple id

If you have ipod touch, iphone or ipad then you come across safari web browser. In safari there is a option to save your log in id and password. It may possible that you have saved your password within safari browser.

For that go to the setting –then in general find safari- under safari browser – tap on password & auto fill-then saved password. Here you will get the list of password saved by safari browser including your ipod iphone ios password.

Here find apple website it should look like this apple website, tap on that and again tap on show password. This will show your lost forgotten apple ipod id password. Recover that ipod password and unlock disabled apple id.

Now unlock your apple ipod id and reset your apple id. If you want to reset lost password to unlock ipod when ipod is disabled locked due to wrong password entered many time. My ipod site has detailed  ipod troubleshooting guide for how to unlock ipod  it also provide various ways to transfer music video from ipod to computer itunes. Here we only discuss how to unlock locked apple id.

First if your apple username locked due to security reason in that case you have only two options to unlock your apple ipod username.

Only Two options for unlocking your apple ipod username

  1. Answer security question

These are the question which you have selected while opening your account like first you need to enter your apple username id. They ask for verify your birth date , what is your dream job, in which city your parents meet etc.

Even if you forget your apple username in that case you should provide first name last name and email id to know your apple username . This option available at forgot apple id username.

  1. Get an email – this is your registered email address while you have opened your apple ipod account. You will receive instruction from gmail account of apple.

But if your apple account not locked and you just lost forgotten your password in that case you  may have other option to reset your password.

  1. You can contact apple support team which available at getsupport on apple site.
  1. Two factor authentication – This option available if you have enabled for apple id before it get locked. For mac os x ei go to system preferences- I cloud- account setting – then go to security and turn on two factor authentication.

Here you can reset your password from trusted device like apple ipod touch, iphone or ipad. And you can also from trusted mac ios or os x ei computer where you have connected your trusted device I am not sure for this.

Now go to apple website for forgotten password. Then enter your registered phone number where you can get verification code and you will get notification on your device like ipod iphone. And then continue to reset your lost passcode.

4.1 Reset password fro trusted devices.

Go to setting-icloud on your trusted device.

Then password security- tap on change password – reset forgotten password.

  1. Two step verification for reset lost password. Here to reset lost password you need recovery key which is of 14 character and trusted device like ipod touch, iphone, ipad.
  2. When two step verification is on, it also provide recovery key. Write down this key. After that when you log in to new device it asks for verification code along with your password.

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