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Unarmed Security Guards -For Safety at Events, Private Residences, VIPs or Everyday Citizens

August 5, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Security

First and foremost thing to consider while hiring a security guard is what type of guard do you need? When hiring security guards for a special event or your own personal safety, it’s important to communicate with the security company about your specific needs and concerns prior to choosing a guard or security team. Clear communications with the security company enables you to choose the right type of guard for your situation, as security guards are offered at different levels of authority and weapon permissions. Unarmed security guards are ideal for provide safety and peace of mind for events, private residences, high-profile individuals or even for everyday citizens.

There are two basic types of security guard options namely Armed and Unarmed Security Guards. Usually armed security guard patrol is required to attend state-mandated training, annual weapons requalification, FBI fingerprint checks, and a comprehensive background evaluation. When you engage an armed guard it is permitted to stop and/or detain persons, prevent trespassing and prevent crimes to people or property. Armed guards are deployed to implement their authority using non-lethal and in some cases, even lethal levels of force, depending on the situations.

For places that pose a threat to people or property as well as high profile work places where violent situations are probable armed guards and officers are recommended. However if you engage unarmed security guards they are not permitted to interfere with a person that is harming people or causing damage to property. Unarmed security guards are predominantly chosen to provide safety and peace of mind for events, private residences, high-profile people or everyday citizens. They are required to contact authorities or emergency services while assisting a customer in times of handling an incident.

The primary duties of security guard San Fernando Valley are to monitor, observe and report violations, and implement emergency services when necessary. These professionals play a key role in helping during emergencies and managing duties such as evacuation, and calling on emergency services to settle the situation that requires further assistance. Unarmed guards are well built and their intimidating form often acts as a visual deterrent for people thinking about causing a commotion at a private event or at public place.

After a little research you can follow up on credible references and chose a security guard company that is best safety provider for you and your loved ones. Safety is priceless and therefore GuardNOW Security Services with 20 years of experience in the security business takes pride in being your go-to source for superior security.

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