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Tips for a Professional Medical Website Design

September 26, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Web design and development

A website constantly needs maintenance and updates. This is why the web developing world states that a website is never done. Now, how will you understand what is important for a good medical website design? How will you check the essentials for a web design that will make an impact on your online presence? A website should contain everything needed for your online success as it would be the direct reflection of your brand identity. As per a research, about 80% of the internet users search for health information online. This makes medical inquiries one of the popular web-based searches. Furthermore, healthcare providers are searched online through web searches. Even if patients are referred to you, they will look for your website before making an appointment. Hence, it’s important that your website should have a professional web design to make a good impression on patients. You may say that design is a subjective matter, nevertheless, there are some fundamentals that are to be followed.

Let’s check out a few tips in this regard :

Focus on ease of navigation – Your website should be easy to navigate by your users. It should offer a user- friendly experience to your visitors. Ensure the fact that your site establishes a proper and clear direction through each page. Your medical website design should be easy enough for your patients to move around your site and take action. Allow your patients to find out what exactly they are searching for without much difficulty. You should have a logical page hierarchy and clickable buttons. Follow the three click rule which will help your users to get their desired information within three clicks. Remember that if your users get stuck to search your website content, they will easily become frustrated and may leave your site instantly.

Have a clearly defined purpose – It is also important to have a clearly defined purpose. The medical website design should cater to the user requirement. It’s obvious that your visitors will be searching for information and will also want some kind of interactions like online appointment request, online bill payments and more with your medical practice. So, make sure that every page of your site conveys a clearly defined objective to fulfill a specific need of your users.

Make use of visual hierarchy – Try to use prominent visuals. Visual hierarchy is one of the most significant principles responsible for an effective medical website design. It is actually the order through which human eyes perceive the visuals. You may make use of a striking photo for grabbing the attention of the visitors while entering your site. The visuals must fill your screen without leaving any space outside design. Weigh up the fact whether all the menus of your site have equal importance. Where exactly do you want the users to click? You should make important links prominent and make use of graphical calls to action for drawing users to significant sections of your site.

It’s also important to emphasize on mobile responsive design, color palette, fonts, images, content, communication, browser testing and other specific items for medical practices. Follow these simple tips for medical website design and bring your medical vision to life in a professional way.


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