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Tips for Choosing the Right Instructor in a Pilates Studio

July 12, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Fitness

Peter A. Cohen said “There is no one giant leap that does it; it’s a lot of little steps.”

But, even to take those little steps towards good health one needs a proper guiding light.

Pilates is such a kind exercise regimen which needs a lot of effort and proper training through Pilates studio. Though there are many DVDs, videos and instruction manuals available, which promises to give the exact step-by-step training, still such acquired training will not suffice one’s needs, especially for a Pilates beginner. A person beginning to learn such workouts should learn them from a proper instructor in a Pilates studio. There are many studios which teach these exercises. But, learning from a well-trained and knowledgeable instructor is really important.

Before knowing the tips to choose a Pilates studio, one should know about Pilates.

A Word about Pilates
Pilates were especially designed by Joseph Pilates, the great German physical fitness specialist, who kept both the physical as well as the mental fitness in mind. He created these exercises to improve flexibility, strength and body posture, especially for people who were recovering from injuries and accidents. Later on, knowing the benefits of these workouts, people started adopting it in their day-to-day schedule. When these exercises are done with utmost concentration it helps rejuvenate not only the body but the mind of the person too. In today’s world, many celebrities and sports stars have adopted this, as they have realised the true potential of learning these in a proper Pilates studio.
Now, as you have decided to take up Pilates classes in a studio, you should know how to decide on the right instructor.

Tips to find the Right Instructor in a Pilates Studio

Pilates involves a lot of movement and it is a scientific form of exercising. So, it is really important to learn these from a well-trained and efficient instructor in a Pilates studio.

•  But, before choosing an instructor, think about the goals and what you would like to achieve through such training. This would help in choosing the Pilates studio and the instructor who would be able to guide you through to achieve the goals.

•  After deciding on the goals, start searching for Pilates studios in the vicinity so that reaching them everyday wouldn’t be a tedious task,

•  Once, the classes are listed, try to meet each of them in person.

•  Pilates can be taught in individual sessions, duet sessions or at times in group sessions. Ask for the amount they charge for these sessions and choose accordingly. Group sessions would be less costly compared to an individual or duet session. But in individual and duet sessions, the instructor would be able to give one-to-one attention.

•  While enquiring, get the educational information of the instructor. A proper instructor would have acquired a proper in-depth education and training. There are instructors who would have acquired a certificate through weekend workshop. It is better to avoid such instructors. Also, enquire about the kind of experience they have in that particular field.

•  After choosing the studio, ask to observe a few sessions before you enrol. A professional studio will surely encourage this.

There are many good Pilates studios which offer professional Pilates training. But, it is essential to scrutinize completely before enrolling in any classes to avoid future regrets.

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