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Ticket Issuing Machine: Benefiting Customers And Businesses Alike

March 1, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Product Reviews

For any vendor serving several customers every day, ticketing is an important means of collecting funds in exchange for providing specified services. Tickets, according to The Free Dictionary, refers to any kind of paper slip or card indicating that its holder has paid for or is entitled to a specified service, right, or consideration. Physical tickets have been in popular use for centuries in one form or another so as to ensure that anyone who owns one gets the declared services. For decades, a lot of business establishments have been using the ticket issuing machine to provide tickets for customers. New innovations in relation to secure identifications have meant that issuing tickets to customers through the ticket issuing machine is now more convenient and safer than ever before.

Multiple security features

Ticket duplication or forgery is indeed a serious issue for businesses. Fake tickets not just costs revenue, but also could deny rightful services to deserving customers and could be potentially damaging to the reputation of the vendor. To address this issue, modern ticket issuing machines use several security features, so as to ensure that no ticket is fake or duplicated and consequently no one paying for the services is denied the services. This modern machine comes with unique security features such as barcode, QR code and RFID because of which comprising the security is next to impossible.

Easy and cost-effective thermal printing

Not so long ago, printing any ticket would require setting an expensive budget for printing press and distributing the same to agents and distributors. However, with the modern ticket issuing machine, such printing and distribution costs are almost fully eliminated. By the use of thermal printing on special cards, vendors can easily print multiple tickets easily. Thermal printing enables vendors to even put RFID on the cards, making tickets issued through these machines much more secure compared to laser printers.

Prompt issue and service

Through Ticket Issuing Machines, new tickets can be issued in large numbers making it very useful for vendors that need to provide prompt service to customers. Customers too can promptly receive services with reduced delays and waiting time.

Integration with online tools

From receiving online payment through several payment gateways to feeding sales data to a central server, the modern machine can easily adapt with most popular online tools. With real time data feeds, a ticket issuing machine CIM3800 can easily add ticket sales information on the database as well, allowing a faster processing in the process.

Useful for several establishments

The modern ticket issuing machine has completely changed how service is provided to people. From train stations to parking lots, millions of business establishments already use the machine to deliver prompt services to its customer in large numbers. Thus, it’s safe to assume that the popularity of the modern ticket issuing machine will only grow in the near future.

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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce KYtronics Co. Ltd . From train stations to parking lots, millions of business establishments already use the Ticket Issuing Machine to deliver prompt services to its customer in large numbers.

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