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Things to consider before you make IoT Investment decision

March 18, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Marketing & Advertising

”Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

Do you agree with the above adage or are you still confused about its actual meaning? Are you aware of the term ‘Internet of Things’ as the above maxim is somehow related to IoT only. If no, then let’s start with basics.

IoT – an extension of Internet connectivity, is an ever-growing network is comprised of physical objects featuring IP address and the medium of communication that takes place between these objects and other relevant Internet enabled devices and systems. This is all what is Internet of Things – IoT.

If you look at 2008, Internet was associated more with things rather than people, which was just the beginning of the upsurge it is to bring. By 2020, the total number of connected devices would reach a staggering number of 50 billion as many IT services company in India are working on it. Even as knowledge of IoT grows steadily, connected homes would greatly contribute towards this revolution that would bring in nearly $490 Billion.

Let us move further towards understanding how things can be implemented before taking any investment decision.

IoT service providers can sense scenarios and assist companies by working on actionable insights regarding implementing IoT and the value it brings to customers. Hiring fiercely competitive IoT service providers can hence, benefit you in more ways than you can think of.

Is the provider you are hiring follows the conventional norms of design & development, customization or integrated app development services? Do they go for final round of testing?
Keep your budget thing aside and evaluate an IoT implementation that gives a quality success to your organization. At the same time, organization also needs to understand their assets, services that can be leveraged to draw an IoT roadmap.

Since IoT is in the process of growth, you have to adopt IoT techniques sensibly. Strategy alliance could turn out to be the most economical way. The key is to manage and balance cross-cultural competencies collaboratively else the organization loses its flexibility for any action and the scope of the project involved.

IoT is about connection between devices anywhere, anytime generating valuable postulation. It demands endless efforts to make your customers happy that varies from verticals to organizations. It begins with analyzing the product development opportunities with the customer which is marked as one of the efficacious steps. The IoT services differ from verticals to verticals and value that evolves from cost savings, improved asset utilization, revised productivity and effective course of action.

Many IT firms are adopting this change and the skills to become Native iOS development company in India USA and China leading the league, followed by India

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