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Sarees is mainly a gift of Indian tradition. It is one of the physical attires in India. Wearing sarees is an oldest tradition of the people. People started wearing sarees before civilization. By the research scientist have came to know that from the times of Indus valley civilization women’s in that period started wearing sarees. The “SARI” is derived from Prakrit word “SATTIKA”, it is stated in the early Buddhist literature.


“Sarees” mainly Indian sarees are National Legacy and reflect of our Indian culture and tradition. Sarees has pallu which has very heritage respect of that. If a women takes pallu on her head that means she respects the elder person standing in front of her. It is a basic tradition of Indian culture. After the wedding of a girl her father give the opportunity to take her daughter in there shelter that means in there pallu, it is a Hindu culture.




Bhandini sarees are used for the ancient times. It is made by using ancient techniques of printing pattern of different colors and shapes.Gujrati people and Rajasthani people are very fond of wearing sarees. There basically wear sarees daily, but while going to some function or in the time of any festivals there wear very heavy and very materialized sarees.


Chikan sarees are very famous for its embroidery and has importance in India. It is mainly made in Uttar Pradesh in Lucknow. Chikan sarees are famous from the time of Mughals period that is from 16th century to 18th century. It is also known as Lakhani Chikankari.


Banarasi sarees came into existence from the period of Mughals. This sarees are mainly given to bride to wear in the wedding. This sarees has almost same bordered design which is known as JHALAR.


Taant sarees are loved by everyone in the India, because as India has humid climate, sometimes in summer there is unbearable hot wind and summer so many people prefer to wear cotton clothes. It is basically a hand loom process .It is a tradition of wearing Bengali sarees in Bengal.



Baluchari sarees are almost made up of silk and woven on looms, the border of this sarees illustrate stories of Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is 200 years ago saree.It is made using silk threads no zaris.


Katha sarees are made by embroidery work, it is made by the women’s staying in the west Bengal. It has become the part of there life and hobby of the life.Womens give there hear6t and mind to prepare this sarees.



Kanchipuram sarees are the best sarees in the world. This sarees are designed with costly and highly executive silk. The work on this sarees are mainly a design of parrot and peacock. It is always being a trend of Kanchipuram sarees. It is very high costly sarees sold in India.


Madisar sarees are mainly worn by Iyer and Iyengar. It is also worn by Brahmin community that is the priestesses and scholar’s .It is only worn in important occasion such as marriage, death anniversary, poojas, etc.



Potola is a very famous sarees loved by the older citizen. Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Nita Ambani are very fond of wearing this sarees. It is almost printed with a peacock. It is a most costly sarees staring from 1lakh to 10lakh.


Chanderi sarees are also a type of famous sarees wore in India during summer because it is made of pure has fine designs on it and also silk designs are there on it.


Indian sarees is being loved by all women’s and girls’ of any age. There are different varieties of sarees in India depending upon the culture and traditional aspect. Almost all women’s love to wear sarees and also appealing garment to men’s. women’s have all designer cotton sarees, kanchipuram, printed and bhagalpuri sarees in wardrobe for every occasion and parties.

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