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The Significance and Meaning of a Masonic Ring

September 26, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Jewelry

If there was a piece of Freemasonry jewelry that’s both confusing and fascinating to a number of people, it’s the Masonic Ring. Even members of this wonderful brotherhood differ in their opinions about what it is and why it’s so important. In fact, the topic of the Masonic Ring has significant and alternate meanings to many people (members and non-members of the sacred fellowship alike).

Some members consider it a representation of their personal journey in the brotherhood, while non-members think of integrity when they see one on the ring finger of a member. For others in the organization, the Masonic ring represents their craft, while yet others see the emblem as a way to share virtues of the organization with the world to enlighten non-members of the Freemasonry.

Where do members get their rings?

Although a number of emblems are presented to men when they become lodge members, and more so when they become Master Masons (MM), the Masonic ring isn’t one of them. As a rule, the ring isn’t recognized or given to a candidate. Rather, different rings are presented after they obtain the 14th and 33rd degrees of the Scottish Rite. However, a candidate is allowed to buy a Masonic ring on his own, or accept one as a gift from his loved ones.

Some Freemason brothers can get a new Masonic ring when they join an appendant body, or after their year as Worshipful Master is complete. Additionally, it is suggested, but not necessarily observed, that a Mason doesn’t wear a Masonic ring, or any other form of Masonic jewelry, until he’s obtained his MM degree. However, when a brother acquires his Mater Mason degree, like his brethren, he can buy a Masonic signet ring to demonstrate his continuing commitment and obligation of loyalty to the Freemason fraternity.

What does a Masonic ring look like?

Many of the rings worn by Masons are Masonic rings with a square and compass symbol, known as the Blue Lodge ring.  Another known type of Freemasonry ring has the double-headed eagle emblem, which signifies the 32nd degree Scottish Rite ring.

What does it mean to be a Freemason?

Being a Freemason means a life of compassion, tolerance, and respect, while practicing service and charity to the community. As a Mason, members strive to maintain high moral standards, both professionally and personally.  This is when a Masonic ring represents the nobility of the organization to the public. This is why it’s disheartening that the Freemason Fellowship is dwindling in numbers; there is even a fear that it may one day become extinct.  A Masonic ring is a way to bring awareness to likeminded individuals who would thrive as new members.

Whether you’re a senior member or just beginning your journey in the Freemason brotherhood, a Masonic ring represents your dedication and commitment to being the best brother you can be for both the organization and the public—and it’s easy to find and select the ring that best symbolizes your story.

If you know a Mason, a Masonic ring is also an ideal gift for any occasion. There are a number of styles of Masonic rings with unique engravings and special stones to choose from.



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