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The many perks of being Maids in Dubai

June 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

Maids in Dubai do not have it all too tough and scheduled for them, there is a lot that they are able to do and see that they would have not been able to if they had employed somewhere  else, or in the case of most maids in Dubai, off somewhere in a totally far-off country. There are so many things that are exposed to these maids who come afar, for they are involved in one of the fastest growing economies of the world. This way these maids are contributing their small part in making this cosmopolitan even bigger than before, and they are reaping the many benefits and perks of being maids in Dubai.

There are so many different clients: Being here in Dubai lets you have access to the homes to several different clients who come from any one of the strata that composes the Dubai social class. The different classes that they can access give them a chance to see all the items and luxury that they normally would never have been able to come into contact in normal circumstances. Because all these clients are from different sections of the society, these maids will get to experience a plethora of people, who will give them different working experience that they can carry on their resumes.

These experiences that they are able to obtain when they are out on the field are something that they won’t be able to acquire in their home countries or native land, and it is unique to Dubai. The best thing about having to clean for others in Dubai is that you will be paid handsomely to do so. Since there are so many working class Dubai citizens who do not have time to attend to all these physical work that requires a lot of time and devotion, they often hire maids to do their job. Considering that Dubai’s per-capita income is one of the highest in the world, the remuneration that these maids receive will be quite substantial.

Carrying on with this point, one can imagine that these maids in Dubai have left their hometowns to get a better life abroad. Not only will they receive this better life, they will also have enough money left to send back to their loved ones who are living back in their native land. The maids’ supplement income is perhaps what they might be depending upon for a great part of their livelihood. With this supplement income the family is able to get themselves out of relative poverty or the maids’ children can now go to school.

While the maids are in Dubai, they can get sponsors. If the maid wants to be a house maid, they can be sponsored by a family and live in their residence. This makes it possible for them to experience the life of another well-off family and get close to them. In a scenario were the maid wishes that she get education during her stay, the sponsors could provide her/him with the education that is desired by the maid. This can cause the maid to be socially mobile and climb up the status ladder, if she wishes to relinquish her career as a maid and look for one where she is able to prosper with her new-found skills.

This is perhaps the essence of working in Dubai, to be able to explore Dubai. There aren’t many cities like it in the world, and there definitely isn’t another Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab. Dubai has this special aura all of its own, everyone, even Maids in Dubai are able to absorb this in and feel like anything that they want is possible. Being maids in Dubai is an empowering feeling, it’s a feeling of community, and it’s a feeling of possibility and hope and a great and rewarding career ahead in one of the shining beacons of the Persian Gulf.

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