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The Best Way to Enhance Your Car’s Performance-Electric Turbocharger

July 8, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Cars

As we all known, speed and power are two of the most qualities in racing cars and high-performance sports cars. If have more power, that is more speed, more excitement, at the same time, more danger seems to be the motto of car owners who install a supercharger vs turbocharger in the engines of their most prized earthly possession. Why? Cars are as much a personal statement of who you are and what you stand for as clothes and personal adornments do.

Turbochargers having twin turbo kits utilize exhaust to create more energy, from that making your car environment friendly by dramatically reducing carbon emissions that are one of the significant sources of air pollution. The enhanced engine supercharger and the reduced emission rates help in making your car up to twenty percent more fuel efficient. This can easily adds on to your contribution to environment by utilizing less fuel for long drives.

Supercharger vs turbo are similar in that they both make your cars go fast explained in the simplest way possible. How do they work? both systems achieve this by compressing the air that flows into the engine. By compressing air, then more of it is allowed to get in the engine and its cylinders. More air means more fuel that is stuffed in, so more power is derived from each cylinder. As a result, this is what makes your car go faster than an ordinary car. Typically, the boost that is provided by a supercharger is 6-8 pounds per square inch; this is approximately putting in an ideal of 50 percent more air into the engine, thus giving you more than 50 percent power. The main difference between electric supercharger vs turbocharger is its power supply.


The Superchargers kit reduces the time required for the turbine to get functional which in turn results in taking less time to attain turbo speed. Supercharger kits, the most vital component which increases the air/fuel mixture ratio of the engine enabling it to attain centrifugal supercharger speeds more quickly. The Supercharger  Kits also include an exhaust manifold, which expels gas from the engine after combustion.

The vortech supercharger kit also includes waste gates and blow-off valves. The Waste gate regulates the pressure in the exhaust manifold whereas the blow-off valves ensures that the air being emitted from the electric supercharger isn’t very highly pressurized when it goes back to the engine. If a centrifugal supercharger installed in your engine will further stress the point then purchasing a turbo kit is the best decision you will ever make in your automotive career.
Superchargers, on the other hand, are used in acceleration racing since it does not have the lag that is associated with centrifugal supercharger kits. These are also very easy to install. It is also very predictable in engineering terms as you can choose a supercharger based on manufacturer’s data alone. A supercharger is also more complex to manufacture as compared to a turbocharger.

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