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Ten SEO mistakes That Ruin Ranking And Visibility of Websites

October 15, 2016 | Author: | Posted in SEO

People leave no stone unturned to rank the website on the first page of Google. To boost ranking they make plenty of mistakes and resultant website lose ranking and visibility. In this article, we are going to cover those SEO mistakes, that really ruin ranking and visibility of the website.

# Mistake 1Not have meta title and description for all pages

This kind of problem found in maximum websites. A page without title and description not consider good for SEO point of view. Meta title and description describes about the page accurately. The length of meta title and description should not exceed than 55 and 160 characters respectively.

# Mistake 2- Random format of URL

Random format of URL, lose ranking and visibility. Format of URL should be descriptive, all lower cases and separated by dashes. Example of a well formatted URL is

# Mistake 3- Slow loading of the website

Due to large and heavy images, speed of the website become slow. Slow loading time is neither good for the overall health of website, nor good for ranking. Remove all unnecessary stuffs and images from the pages. A faster website can generate more user interaction than slower website.

# Mistake 4- Thin and weak content

Gone are the days, when you could make your work by any type of content. Now the situation is changed, so SEO strategy has been changed. Now content should be user friendly, here we mean to say, write for the visitors, not for search engine. Poor and weak content will not do anymore, rather whatever you write, it should be fresh, high-quality, unique and punchy.

# Mistake 5- Not optimizing images for search engine

Usually people ignore this, they just paste the images to make a cool website design. Literally, this type of practice is not consider good for SEO. Such practices reduce ranking and visibility of the website. Optimize the images for size, it makes the content better and easy to read. Smushit is an ideal tool, that can help you reduce image without losing quality.

# Mistake 6- Not incorporating social media icon

Generally people don’t do such kind of mistake, but sometimes they ignore it. Incorporating social media icon into the web design, help it to rank better in the search engine. Incorporating different social media icon on the site proves the authenticity and also makes your company personable.

# Mistake 7- Using Javascript for whole design of the site

If your site features great deal of Javascript then you have to face two kinds of drawback. Firs one is, search engine will struggle to read the site. And the second is, website will not work properly on the mobile device. So it will be better, if you use Javascript sparingly. This will make the site easy and user- friendly.

#Mistake 8- Difficult to navigate

If the website is difficult to navigate, then definitely no one going to stay on the page for long time. It will cause visitors to exit the site. Make sure that each page of the website is easy to navigate and looks perfect on all browsers.

# Mistake 9- Using too many flash elements

Using too many flash elements is a big SEO mistake. It not only distracts visitors, but also affects ranking of the website. Search engine doesnot prefers flash element, because it makes the website complicated. Additionally, it does not add any value to site SEO. So it will better to use flash on the website sparingly.

Importance of SEO friendly website-

Get more and more organic traffic- A SEO friendly website ranks higher and gets maximum organic traffic from search engines, as it ranks higher in the search engine result page.

Brand Credibility- If website ranks on the first page of Google, then it considers good for brand credibility as well as brand awareness.

Cost effective- A SEO website is cost effective, than other strategy in digital marketing like PPC, and other form of advertising. Apart from other strategy, the benefit from SEO is longer.

Make the website user- friendly- SEO is not all about getting organic traffic, rather a good SEO practice also enhance the user experience.

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