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Sympathy and personal support is just a phone call away

May 19, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

If there is one thing you need in life, it is a sympathetic ear from time to time. As much as we all internalize feelings and emotions to try and deal with everything ourselves, there comes a time when we must be able to share what we are feeling in order to effectively deal with it. It can even become essential to let whatever is inside out and to get past the stumbling block it’s become to the life we want to have.

Having someone who will listen to you without judging you or your choices can become critical at these junctures. Actually finding someone like that can be really hard. Even close friends can sometimes not help but be somewhat judgmental, and you can hesitate in letting it all hang out with friends as many are not capable of maintaining that friendship knowing your deep, dark secrets. In order to be able to have someone who can listen, you might have to reach out beyond your own known circle and that can be scary.

It is wonderful to find someone who can act as your sounding board and listening “sponge”. Someone who will take in what you need to let out, then help you process what it is – deal with it, learn from it, and then walk on to the next phase of your life lighter and more purposeful than you’ve been in a long time. That someone you need is really a personal support service provided by Kendall Van Blarcom of Van Blarcom Consulting.

Kendall Van Blarcom has been providing consulting and counseling services to clients for more than 25 years – people located all over the world now. Going from a brick and mortar practice located in California where he provided licensed marriage and family therapy to now having an online presence providing personal support services means that Kendall can reach more people, where they are, than ever before. Reaching those individuals worldwide and being able to provide the listening ear and supporting shoulder that a personal support specialist is capable of is the personal and professional mission for Kendall Van Blarcom.

Things you can expect from Kendall include being a good listener and someone who quickly helps you gain a comfort level for your situation. You get to understand where you are from his own viewpoint looking at things with a fresh eye and objectivity that you cannot produce yourself. He looks at problem solving as the culmination of your sessions – giving you ways to understand where you are and how to move forward. Kendall can give you the kind of feedback you will find constructive and in line with where you want to be. Seniors, especially, find Kendall to be wonderfully in tune with their special situations, problems and issues. Providing personal support for seniors has a special place for Kendall Van Blarcom.

Visit and learn more about all of the wonderful personal support options you can expect to find with Kendall Van Blarcom. Your listening ear and supportive shoulder to lean on is just a phone call away – you don’t have to struggle alone.

Kendall Van Blarcom offers personal support service designed to help you get through life. Visit today to learn more about her personal support for seniors and more.

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