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Sunscreen Acts as Male Contraceptives Says the New Study

April 4, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Beauty

Now that summer is around, lathering with sunscreen is what we do. After the recent studies, we have to think about it. The study showed that sunscreens act as a contraceptive in males. They are likely to impair the sperm function and reduce the fertility. This may reduce a man’s chance of parenthood.

The study showed that many ultraviolet chemicals commonly used in sunscreen interfere with the sperm cell’s functionality. It is also said that it mimics the female hormone progesterone.

Researchers collected urine and blood samples and examined them. They found ultraviolet filtering chemicals in the sample. In order to determine the effect of UV filtering chemicals on healthy sperm cells, researchers tested 29 of 31 UV filters, used in the sunscreens, on sperm cells. The researchers found that the chemicals disrupted the calcium signalling of the sperm.

University of Copenhagen researchers explained that the chemicals seep through the skin and enter the rest of the body and impair the sperms’ functionality.

The researchers tested the sperm cell by creating a buffer solution that simulates the conditions of a female fallopian tube. Skakkebaek and his team concentrated on CatSper( the sperm-specific calcium ion channel) to know about the calcium signalling of the sperm. This CatSper channel binds to the female hormone progesterone and controls one of the sperm fertilisation functions called sperm motility.

The results showed that 45 percent of those 29 ultraviolet filter interfered with the sperm cell functionality. It also revealed that 13 filters interfered with the calcium signalling of the sperm.

Dr. Neil Skakkebaek, the study’s lead researcher said that the effect began at a very low doses of chemicals. The researchers also said that all the filters tested in lab are approved by the USA and European Union to be used as sunscreens.

The results of this research will be presented at the 98th annual meeting of Endocrine Society in Boston, US held from April 1-4.

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