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Successful Social Media Campaign For Small And Medium Business

August 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in SEO

Social Media Marketing is the powerful method to attract and engage the customer, now more than 78% of business have dedicated team of their social media. To take the advantage of social media, first, you need to set a social media campaign. A successful social media campaign will help you to crate more followers, create more shares, create more likes, create more traffic to the website and create more conversions. In this article, we will discuss successful social media campaign for the small and medium business.

Decide the primary goal with the pilot campaign- Social media campaign is all about planning and sound strategy. Start with a clear goal. Generally, common goals for social media campaign include lead generation, direct sales and promote the brand. Pilot campaigning can help you to decide the primary goal. First of all run pilot campaign for a couple of days or weeks to test different ads and options. For instance, if you are planning to run the campaign on Facebook for a month, then first of all run the pilot campaign for a week testing 4–5 images for the ads and different options then start the main campaign.

Make your campaign to the specific group of people– Social media have a lot of option and information include demographics, interest, likes and dislikes and much more so while running campaign take advantage of all these data and make your campaign targeted to the specific group of people.

Call To Action- While running the campaign on Facebook or Twitter, people often forget the call to action. Actually, call to action is the part where you will ask users to do something like visit the website, register the newsletter, views the products or services. So make sure that there is clear indication of what users should do when they see your ads.

Track the result– People often forget to track the result in social media, somewhere this is a blunder. To win the battle, you should track the result. Although all networks give you statistics about the campaign, but for a better result, you also need to set up a Google Analytic goal and conversion tracking to know which of the users performed an action that is important to you.

Stop the campaign when it doesn’t work– if you are not getting the desired outcome via social media then don’t waste time and money anymore. Rather, try some alternatives option SEO and PPC. Many digital marketing agencies provide PPC campaign and affordable SEO services for small business.

Provide honest solution– Sometimes it happens that people are not satisfied with your services and products, and they enter bad comments. In this scenario, follow up on what people say about your campaign. Communicate your audience via social media, and see what is the opinion of the people about your products and services. And if anything wrong, then provide honest solutions to their comments or questions.

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