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Study India is the best Way of Learning and it have good concept for learning

March 17, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Special Education


 It is the college-going students that are our target audience. The advantage of Study India is that it is of use to any and every college-going Indian. Being college students ourselves, we are well versed with the problems faced by our fellow mates on a day-to-day basis. It is for this reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to make life as easy for our colleagues (and ourselves!) as we possibly can. This is primarily so given that the college-going youth of India comprises the largest single chunk of the population as such. Our site has something to offer in every domain of student life, be it handwritten class notes or question papers like as fluid mechanics including hydraulic machines, the latest on college fests, a discussion forum for acads, an apps division to help fest organizers, a videos section to help post course related relevant videos and a blog that deals all aspects of college life. Our target audience even includes students about to enter or planning for college. The notes section can help them get a better idea of what the course truly offers and the blogs section helps complement the same by offering current college going student’s views on the course of their choice.

We Provide Lecture Notes

images (15) Also includes college lecturers possibly, who would rather focus more on having a truly interactive discussion in class rather than spoon-feeding notes and can download the notes as a guide to be distributed later since all the notes have been willingly uploaded and given to the team by college going students and are free to all. They can also participate in the forums to help facilitate doubt solving.

Our company was started to address the issue that plagues us the most as college students, this being the easy availability of class notes at exam time and the lack of a truly collaborative learning process. By scanning and uploading copies of class notes just like as hermeneutics of the social lecture Notes from colleges all over India, made available to us through a wide network of contacts that span the length and breadth of the country, we hope to eradicate this problem by making the notes available to all of the student population in a very simple, legible and cost-effective manner. At large, the company seeks to increase the quality of community learning present in the society as well as provide a good experience to students during their time in college through various mobile apps and easy availability of notes.

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Study India provide Fabric Manufacturing Lecture Notes for students and the student easly understant and language of notes. and the students gets many ideas and shortcut methods get in this notes.

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