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Spice up your tweets with GIF

March 9, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Computers & Technology

Hope, all of you must be well aware of a micro blogging site – Twitter and its terms that include tweets, trends, followers, DM, etc. A simple text with images, hashtags and there, you are done with a tweet equivalent to updating a status on Facebook. Back then, this simple tweet was enough to spread a message, while a hashtag adds some spice to it.

There are numerous and actively used celebrities social media feed aggregator all over the Internet like Facebook that ranks on the top followed by Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. As the technology is evolving at its pace and so do the social platforms and Twitter came out with one more interesting feature. Any guesses? Yes, a tweet with new built-in GIFs.

You must be wondering about GIF and tweets with GIF content. Let us dive in and spill some beans on this term before going further. It is a graphic interchange format (GIF) that supports both animated and static images.

From now onwards, you have the power to include a gif in your tweets or while sending DM to someone. An animated GIF adds a little flair in your tweets and hence, you can get more re-tweets or favorites. A gif button has been embedded between the photo and poll options. This feature is available in twitter mobile app as well.

This new feature is helping many brands and products while conducting a marketing campaign on this channel. As it is a saying that marketing is really just about sharing your passion and so do these tweets.
Even after adding a gif, you still will be left with 117 characters and tweet is still bound to have 140 characters. Animated GIFS can have a file size up to 5MB, though tags can not be applied to them. Besides static images, looping gifs are supported by this platform.

By introduction of this availability, many brands have opted for this platform for marketing campaigns and will include this platform in their marketing as a necessity. Before this feature got introduced individually, it had got unrivaled popularity. As per resources, over 100 million gifs were shared over tweets and direct messages in 2015.

Twitter has done a great job by enabling gifs with different phases. This is one of the platforms that always manage to come up with the bang on news and go beyond its users’ expectations.
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