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Solar Energy – The Buzzword for Home Energy

April 25, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Small Business

In India, provision of electricity for around the clock is unimaginable. Today, multiple cities, remote rural areas still lack uninterrupted electricity and related infrastructure. Of course, one of the reasons for this lack is absence of enough electricity and administrative and policy based hurdles. In view of these, solar power has become popular among home owners as comes as a boon as an alternative energy.

Various offers of liberal schemes are on the way from government. The authorities are taking measures, which are of course are not adequate. Because of this all, people are thinking of producing energy on their own from alternative measures.

The alternative energies that can be leveraged in India are wind and solar energy. Solar energy is perennial and environment friendly. Solar energy is more suitable for your luxury home than wind energy for which you need a windmill. Solar energy is, therefore, beneficial for individual houses located in a power scarce area.

Why should you go for solar energy?
The most important consideration is to save on power bills. Ecologically safe Production and consumption of solar energy does not result in damage to the environment as it is in case of conventional energy. The equipment is durable.

Curtails carbon print
Solar energy helps reduce carbon footprint. Caron footprint is the total amount of made to support human life. Carbon dioxide and other green house gases are primarily responsible for global warming. Adopting solar energy thus accords you playing responsible role of ecology protection.

Can help augment resale value
Adopting solar energy is a sensible investment. It would help you improve the resale value, when you desire to sell the home. Such homes are likely to sell less troublesome. It will help you conserve thousands of gallons of water and reduce your dependence on conventional (non-renewable) energy.

How to get it done?
A solar energy system comprises solar panels, controller, batteries and the inverter. Installing solar panels is easy. In case a building consists of a group of parts, the panels are to be installed in the terrace. Of course, the flat owners should themselves frame guidelines on how to share electricity.

There are many service providers and you can choose one according to your requirement and budget. The solar panels function optimally when the solar radiation is highest and provided the solar panels are made inclined properly. In general, they are installed in south direction for best results. If the roof of your house is a little inclined, then it’s advantageous.

Now the question is whether solar really going to benefit me/or it would be a viable option for me. The cost of the equipment depends on the size of the equipment. One kw of solar equipment may be priced at INR 1.8 lakh. Research shows that you may save up to 20% on your energy bills. And the solar panels last up to 25 years.

There are numerous solar energy equipment manufacturers. The number might be overwhelming. It’s therefore to research a little before you choose an agency. Check their past track record, how many installations they have done, and if they are

willing to serve in your locality, and the like. Look for client reviews in their web pages. Check with friend and relations.

As ecological awareness increases coupled with numerous manufacturers coming up with more sophisticated technology to make solar energy on commercial scale. Their price is likely to decline and more and more home owners would adopt it as a permanent source of electricity.

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RealKonnect is a real estate portal that operates in Mumbai. Our objective is to help our prospects/clients find the dream property in Mumbai.

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