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Smartphone, Computer or Tablet – which gadget do you own?

April 5, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Marketing & Advertising

”Future is mobile computing – smartphones and tablets are elements of it. The web industry is on the verge of a whole new paradigm.”

The above maxim rings true as the world is growing digitally and so are the choices of medium of tapping into the digital world. It can be clearly seen that people are not satisfied with just one device.

Desktops are left behind and a pool of affluent people are switching to smartphones and tablets with latest technologies. According to a poll conducted, the mobile email users had grown by 22% last year that is likely to grow by 23% in 2016. Furthermore, email marketing has got its significant share in digital marketing strategies as 57.4 percent of B2C emails are opened via mobile than B2B ones.

Due to rapid adoption of smart gadgets, 30 to 49-year-olds Americans cannot even imagine their lives without these digital toys and out of which 36 percent are expected to own all the three – smartphone, desktop and tablet. As the technology has evolved more than expected, you can now store your favorite music collection in your electronic gadgets rather than a single cassette tape which could store around 10-15 songs, capture thousands of photos without even changing a roll, and drive to your favorite destination without using a roadmap.

These smartphones are flooded with ‘already in the phone’ apps that are directly linked to our daily routines and many PHP development companies in India are working on apps that will be launched in near future. Let us pick up an example of the weather app. It gives you a detailed information on weather outside that you can get with a quick glance by peeking out of the window. Plus, you can also check temperature and humidity levels, details like wind speed, UV radiation levels and even the expected rainfall. This happens because the gadget censored the scenario right outside your home and hence, gives you a precise information.

Like many Americans, do you own a smartphone or a tablet? Do you pay between $50 and $100 each month for a speedy data and call plans? It is preferable to buy a gadget worth a penny as compared to many irrelevant devices. In fact, worthy smartphones cost between the device’s cost itself and the plan. It functions well, atleast for two years and is valued as compared to buying the individual things like a camera, an iPod or a GPS.

Many IT firms are adopting this change and the skills to become PHP development company in india USA and China leading the league, followed by India

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