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Smart Tips To Increase Mobile Battery Life

March 19, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Mobile Computing

Getting crazy with your ever drenched Smartphone battery? This article will help you learn about the simple tips to increase mobile battery life. Earlier, people never worried about keeping a charger in handy. But while the latest Smartphones have the ability to do the most extraordinary things in lesser time, it is costing everyone with a great deal of battery life.

Here are few reasons to understand:

  • Apps are constantly running in the background
  • Your Screen Is Too Bright
  • Turning on the Torch
  • Your GPS and Wi-Fi is enabled
  • You are not charging your phone properly
  • It is always on Vibrate mode

Solutions to Increase your Phone Battery’s Performance:

Evacuate the Unwanted Applications: Each application you introduce in your mobile phone consumes some storage space and runs some background processes. The more storage room involved or the more background processes running on your phone, the slower your phone’s performance. Make sure you uninstall or disable the hardly used applications.

Disable Notifications: When you’re running on low battery, turning off superfluous notices can spare some of that squeeze. While you might need to leave your instant messages or email notices on, you can specifically debilitate others to abstain from squandering power.

Try not to Utilize your Mobile Phone while Charging: Usually, mobile phones should not be used when on charging. This is called parasitic charging and this sort of use can be very charming. Small amounts of usage load stop the battery from entering a full charging cycle, thus damaging the battery.

Adjust Live Wallpapers: Many people think that their wallpaper should be cool and startling. However, this is one of the major reasons that your battery is rapidly draining. So, the best solution can be to turn off live wallpaperswhenever it is not needed.

Adjust Display and Brightness: The screen display is one of the major culprits for the battery drain. One of the coolest features you can use which every mobile has is the auto-brightness. It adjusts the screen’s brightness according to the lighting levels in the surrounding. Alternatively, you can set the brightness to the minimum tolerable level to increase mobile battery life.

Turn off GPS and Bluetooth: GPS and Bluetooth are rarely needed. Turn GPS on only when you need location services and restrict all the apps from accessing your location which will save a considerable amount of battery. Also, turn off Bluetooth when you don’t require it, since keeping it on will make the handset receive extra signals from outside world and thus consumes more battery.

Say Yes to Airplane Mode: When not utilizing the mobile phone you can always turn on the Airplane Mode. It has a setting that can disconnect the cellular connection, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to save battery power.


Certainly, there’s no real way to make your battery keep going forever, yet if you try to make improvements with the given tips, you are sure to increase mobile battery life.

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