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Smart E- Commerce SEO Strategies to Keep Your Website Fresh and Attractive

May 18, 2016 | Author: | Posted in SEO

It is very challenging to optimize the e-commerce website, it requires constant vigilance to keep the search engines coming back to index the site. When it comes to SEO for an online shop, then here matter is a bit different. You can say that, “ one size fits for all” does not work. People will find your online store, if you have a higher search rank and the more traffic that is where SEO services for e-commerce website development comes into the picture.

Why optimizing the e-commerce website is challenging than a normal website

Very few people like to link out to product page.
Content ideas very limited, when it comes to promoting the physical products.
E-commerce websites have a ton of pages that need to optimize to serve as landing pages.

Below are the smart e- commerce SEO strategies to keep your website fresh and attractive

Improve speed of the website- Either it is an e-commerce website or normal website, loading time of the website is crucial. Remove unnecessary plugins and application to enhance the loading time of a website. Good loading speed strengthens the mood of visitors that can lead to conversion.

Include a blog section- Adding a blog section on the website benefits your site in many ways.

It generates more organic traffic and have a good chance of getting higher search ranking for long tail keyword.
It improves internal linking structure of the site. Which can be advantageous for the site in ranking.
It grows your business and develop the relationship with your reader as well as with other sites.
It puts emphasis to the expertise of your brand in the industry.

Avoid duplicate content when possible- Definitely contents are very crucial for the website, but duplicate contents are usually downgraded by the Google and other search engines. If the volume of the products is too high, then ensure that all description of the products are unique. Make sure category pages are unique. This is one of the most important e-commerce SEO strategies.

Accessibility- Product and Home page are vital elements of an e-commerce website so make sure that your site is easy to navigate. Keep product pages three clicks away from the home page this is very constructive strategy for the e-commerce website.

Make use of video- Video is the most trusted way to promote the brand and services and when it comes to e-commerce website then video is the best option. You can make thousands of subscribers within a week through relevant topic and engaging videos.

These e-commerce SEO strategies will help keep your products and website fresh and attractive on then search engine rankings and will generate higher volume traffic and higher sales.

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