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Shower tiles selection tips from a Custom Shower Installation Charlotte NC

June 13, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

Décor your home is like converting a dream into the reality; likewise bathroom is also being an imperative segment in this modernization lifestyle. But, in contrast to other segments of home, it demands greater extent of consciousness. It is a fascinating task without any doubt, but along with it is a daunting as well. One wrong choice in shower installation can invite several problems, better to hire custom shower installation charlotte NC to procure customized and alluring design along with assurance.

But, prior to installation what you need is to opt on the tiles for your shower from the huge assortment available at Carolinas home stone charlotte NC inclusive of stone, ceramic, porcelain, marble, slate, granite in number of tile patterns and designs which perhaps lead into a dilemma. Here, we have given tips to be considered while selecting tiles for your shower.

Before you go through, it is significant to consider several imperative aspects incorporating water proofing, slip resistance and curves that ensure safety, comfort along with marvelous appearance.

For a while, if you like curved bench, you should go with smaller tile. Similarly, if you are a fan of barrier free tiles, go with large format tiles. But again, what you need to deem is smaller tiles have higher grout lines than large tile that render slip resistance, but in larger tiles you won’t find grout lines, it means, if you derive your selection on the larger tiles, select tiles having a greater slip resistance aspect.

Small is better on curves, despite of you are using larger format tiles in your shower, small format tiles are always better when it is about curves. Small are excellent to handle curves as the angle of the curves can be worked out easily.

If you are going to derive your choice on the mosaic tile, it would be righteous to consult Custom Shower Installation Charlotte NC as installing such small sized tiles demands a defined installation that looks seamless. Additionally, if your shower area possesses sloped ceiling, using smaller tiles will give an alluring look at the moderate price.

Considering tiles having greater stain resistance is wise when it comes to shower, if your shower water leaves stains. If you are also conscious about the water staining or suffering, consult Custom Shower Installation Charlotte NC, offering wide variety of tiles that ensure excellent stain resistance along with durability.

Furthermore, a ledge stone is attractive on the wall, but I personally would not recommend if your water leaves staining. Such a stain on the ledge can deteriorate the look, better to use flat surface stone if so.

Use of large format size of the same type in the entire bath area can solve your small sized bathroom concern, as the employment of the same format and color will endow an illusory bigger look to your bathroom.

At last, if cleaning is the major concern for you, use of larger slab would bestow you an easy cleaning, in contrast to small mosaic tiles. Whereas, if traction is a major concern for you, use smaller tiles. I hope this article will facilitate you in selecting the right tiles for your shower tiles installation.

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