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Show Off Your Accomplishments with a Graduation Ring

May 30, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Jewelry

Education is one of the things that makes our society work, and completing a major educational goal is something to be proud of. You’ve made yourself a better person, and you’re on your way to making the world a better place for everyone who lives in it. After the years of hard work that you’ve put in, you deserve to be able to show off your accomplishments to the world. But you can’t very well carry your diploma or degree with you, and wearing your cap and gown all the time would get uncomfortable pretty quickly. That’s why many people opt to get a graduation ring as a personal reminder of what they’ve accomplished.

Many Choices

Graduation rings can be as diverse as the people who wear them and the programs of study that they represent. Many of them follow a traditional format with a stone in the middle surrounded by text indicating the year of graduation. Many people like the significance and recognisability of that style. However, if that isn’t the type of jewelry that suits your tastes, there are many ways to customize a ring to make it yours and yours alone. The shape of the stone can be altered, or replaced with an initial or an engraving representing your studies. The band can be made into a more delicate shape. If you dislike wearing rings, you can even opt for a pendant instead.

Birthstones for Individuality

Your graduation year and your school are going to be shared with many people. Some of those people will go on to be lifelong friends, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of something to your ring that represents just you. Much fewer people will share your birthstone, so that is the stone that many people choose to function as the centrepiece of their graduation ring. Your birthstone serves as a reminder that no matter how many people were with you on the journey, you did this with your own effort, smarts and perseverance. If you have a very expensive birthstone, such as an emerald or a diamond, most jewellers will have an option to replace it with an alternative stone or a high-quality artificial stone.

Choosing A Ring

So how do you select a piece of jewelry that will stay with you for the rest of your life to demonstrate your accomplishments? Shopping for a graduation ring can seem overwhelming at first but once you start narrowing down your choices it can be a lot of fun. Remember that you’ll be wearing it every day, so you want a ring that will feel natural on your hand. Don’t be afraid to shop around. If you find something you like that comes with a large price tag, you may be able to find a similar or even identical design from another provider at a lower cost.

Enjoy Your Success

Your graduation ring will serve as a permanent reminder of your accomplishments and success. When you go shopping for a ring, do it with a smile on your face. You are getting something beautiful and you absolutely deserve it! is an online jewelry store selling masonic jewelry, graduation rings, wedding bands, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. for men and women.

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