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How to Set Signage right for your Business

April 4, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

Creating a successful signage strategy is beyond crafting striking captions and logos. Various elements including demographics, obliquity and others are taken into account. A business won’t flourish if it doesn’t have the capability to create an eye-popping outdoor sign, no matter how good their product or service is. Here are certain elements that develop the right signage for your business.

a. Placement: According to a recent research, signs that are mounted on buildings parallel to the roadway should be 70% larger than those signs that are perpendicular to the road way, else it cannot be read in time. Signs having too complicated words would also take longer time to be read.

b. Size: According to experts, letters in signs need to have at least one-inch height for every twenty-five feet distance. Also try not to use fancy lettering for fonts, which can be too difficult to read from a distance. It is recommended to have sufficient empty or white space to have optimum clarity. Professionals can do them in the right manner.

c. Height: Now that you have an idea regarding the size and placement of signs, the next question is regarding the height at which they have to be placed. Farther the signs are away from the road, taller they have to be placed to make them readable or visible from vehicles. Signs such as freeway signs are intended to be read from great distances; hence they have to be placed very tall. In locations like business districts, signs have to be placed tall enough that vehicles don’t block their view.

d. Illumination: Lighting is important for signage to make them visible and readable every day or night. They need to be illuminated in such a way that anyone can read them quickly. By using LEDs, neon tubes or exposed bulbs, signs can be made more attractive and appealing. It is also essential to look for any limits imposed on brightness as per regulations.

A professional sign company can bring all these elements with requisite specifications that make your signage stand out from the rest. It is these signs that help businesses earn power and dominance in a short period of time.

The author is working in a reputable sign company in Kansas City offering signage services for various clients. He explains about the elements that constitute a good signage that is required for a business’ success.

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