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Save Time and Money – We Buy Homes for Cash and Close in Seven Days!

September 26, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Real Estate

As you may think, selling a house is quite a tiresome task. It’s never easy to find the right buyer at the time you need. It takes time and patience, which you do not have. Due to the load of stress, selling you home for cash and quickly is imperative.

Whatever the reason for you to sell your house – relocation, financial debt, dire need of cash among others, we understand your situation and hence presenting to you the best solution – house buyers.

Let us explain a little about “We Buy Homes for Cash” house buyers for you to get an idea about what they are capable of doing.

a)  These house buyers buy house “As Is” – That means there is no need to renovate or repair, they buy homes in any condition, ugly or pretty. There is no requirement of staging, cleaning etc. for potential buyers.

b)  We Buy Homes do not charge any real estate commission or fee. Essentially this leads you to save about 6% of which you would pay your agents.

c)  We Buy Homes buy homes for cash – which means that the sale you make to them, they will pay you all cash once the deal has been finalized.

d)  We Buy Homes fast – there is no need to mope around and wait for weeks or months together, once you make the call, you can get a revert within 10 minutes.

e)  The price that they offer is competitive.

f)  All this and more can be achieved in as close as 7 days by which time you can sell your house!

What more does one need? You now have house buyers who buy homes for cash, in a quick and simple manner, “As Is” within a week. What a perfect blend!

About We Buy Homes for Cash House Buyers

It is better to seek cash homebuyers who have been in the business for a long time. They come with great experience and knowledge of the industry, and they operate out of physical offices in Maryland, Virginia and even Washington, DC. They are staffed with well-trained professionals who are ever-ready to help. One of the largest house buying companies, home buyers are at your beck and call.

Contact We Buy Homes

Contacting the cash home buyers is easy too. Just pick up the phone and call them. State the facts and they will call you back in 10 minutes with an offer. If the offer is acceptable, the paperwork is in place, then you can close the sale in as little as 7 days.

In this day and age, who would have thought selling your house can be so simple and achieved so easily with the help of “We buy Homes for Cash” house buyers.

The next time you face a dilemma, you know exactly where to look! Happy selling!



We Buy Homes, a residential real estate property investor in Washington, DC, who buys houses As Is for cash ( Webuyhomes-inc/We-buy-Homes-for-cash )  and close the sale in 7 days from the homeowners looking to sell their homes fast. For more information, visit

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