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How to Save Money on Electricity Bill

February 25, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

The money we spend for electricity is being increased day by day. All appliances require electricity to run such as microwave oven, induction stove, hair dryer, computer system, etc. You can save money on electricity bill as discussed here.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #1: Replace with LED lights

LED bulbs are long lasting and emit light five times longer than normal bulbs. Their lifetime is about 50,000 hours. They are slightly expensive than a normal bulb that we use daily. As your old bulb get fused, replace with LEDs immediately and save electricity usage.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #2: Think of solar panel

This is mainly dependent on some local incentives that exist in your area. You need to calculate how long it will take to recover your investment. If you can earn more money by investing in a typical index fund, installing solar panels may not be worth it.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #3: Put on more clothes

You don’t absolutely have to have the heater on so that you can get around in shorts and a T-shirt. Set the temperature a bit lower and put on a jumper. Ninety percent of the energy used by a top-loading washing machine is for heating water. It’ll save a ton of money on your bill.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #4: Turn off unused lights

Don’t waste electricity by switching on lights in a bright room that fills light with the help of sun rays and in the room where no person exists. When you enter into the room, you can switch on your lights and other appliances. Unless never make it to glow.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #5: Roof cavity

The need for heating your home will get saved by using this roof cavity. You may watch out 40% saving on your heating bills.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #6: Avoid dryer

Don’t use a hair dryer as it may weaken your strong hair and makes brittle. Avoid using cloth dryer too, unless you live in a place that snows regularly. Buy a cloth rack and make it hang inside and provide its own time to get dry naturally.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #7: Take less time to shower

Water heater takes up the large portion in the electricity bill. Switch on your heater before 10 minutes of your shower time. Get wet in water and turn off taps, then lather up and rinse off within 3 minutes. Have a shorter shower.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #8: Reduce the usage of air Conditioner

Prolonged usage of air Conditioner takes more electricity. So make sure you are available when your Air Conditioner is turned on. As it may retain the temperature for some time, switch off before 10 minutes you leave the room.
How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #9: Optimize PC energy consumption

In the modern PC, there appears a mode to save energy from both the BIOS setting page and direct from windows OS. Enable sleep mode when you don’t use PC/Notebook for work.

How to Save Money on Electricity Bill #10: Set Cycling program

Set a cycling program to shut down automatically when your heating system reaches the peak- usage time.

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