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Right Furniture for Best Space Management

April 16, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

Furnitures are not just to take a pew anymore. It’s much more than that. Right furniture for your school or office could improve the look and feel of the workspace. Furniture that does not fit with the workspace could do just the opposite. Either it may be a classroom or office, each one has different furniture requirement. While choosing the one, you need to think about space management, decorative features and cost effectiveness.

Furniture collection

Royal Furnitures, established in erode; they serve a variety of furniture ranging from classroom desks, chairs, computer tables to office almirah and kindergarten furniture.

Each variety of furniture is available in either steel or wood. You could choose the one that suits your need.

Furnitures for Schools and Colleges

A classroom is where the students will be seated for a whole day. If it’s uncomfortable, they might get distracted and this could affect their learning. Royal Furnitures offer different kinds of Desks and benches. Few of them are:

  • Double seater bench and desk – With compartment in the desk for the students to arrange their books and other stuff. The benches are attached to the desk, so the classrooms won’t appear disorganized.
  • Multi-seater Student desk–If the classrooms are somewhat smaller, having many desks and tables will give a congested look. But these desks could occupy 3-5 students and thus, you can avoid using more desks.
  • Writing table and Chair –These are best suited for the Staffrooms and Office rooms.


Hostel, Library and Laboratory Furnitures

Many students are enrolled in boarding schools lately. As this figure increases more students need to accommodate in a smaller room. The room becomes overcrowded suddenly.    


  • Steel and wooden bureau – To store the personal belongings of the students.
  • One and Two-Tier Steel Cot –These cots make the rooms very spacious and thus more students can be housed. With lockers at the bottom, their personal belongings can be stored away safely.


  • Newspaper Table – The students can read the papers with utmost comfort as these tables are made of proper height and size.
  • Library Racks –Best for storing Journals as none of the two categories needs to be mixed up.


Muddled laboratory can be hazardous for the students working with the chemicals and other equipment. You can ensure their safety by installing right lab furniture offered by the best furniture shop.

  • Chemistry lab tables – Available with faucets and power inlets with every table so the cables will not obstruct the students.
  • Tables with cupboards–The flasks, test tubes, beakers for individual students can be stored separately in the cupboards

Office Furnitures

Furnitures for offices are different than others. Just because more and more records are to be stockpiled, the office need not look like a hoarder’s den. Some of the furniture available for your workspace is:

  • Office desk – These are available in various sizes and you can choose wood or steel variety.
  • Computer table with cupboards –The computer table minimizes the clutter on the desk and the cupboards have lockers, with which you can store the files safely.

Small or large, every space can now be furnished at its best. If you need a one stop shop for all your furniture needs, look no further! Just think of Royal Furnitures.

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Royal furnitures offer a wide range of high quality and durable furniture for institutions, office, schools and colleges. The range includes, desks, chairs, tables, Multiseaters and cupboards with lockers. Royal furnitures is the cheap and best option to buy educational furniture.

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