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Rewarding Stories of Maids in Dubai and Around

July 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Organizations

The Story of the Paralyzed Maid Taken Care by her Saudi Employers:-

This is a story that will re-establish your confidence in humankind, for it is so elevating to realize that there are such kind individuals here in this world.

The story is about Salah Al-Syoufi, the Saudi Arabian man and how with his significant other, he could deal with his Ethiopian maid for a long time.

Slah-Al-Syoufi and his significant other were simply one more couples who were living in a flat, and after a solicitation from the last mentioned, they chose to enlist a maid.

One of Salah’s companions had been functioning as a selection representative for Ethiopian maids for a long while and it was chosen to get one of them on board for the work that was required.

This made it feasible for one of these maids to come and work for Salah and his better half. Three months into the work, when everything appeared to be fine, the Ethiopian maid got all of a sudden determined to have triplegia.

Triplegia is an ailment that influences three appendages of the body and abandons them deadened, not able to be utilized by the person.

Salah settled on the valiant and kind decision of supporting for the maid’s treatment at the solicitation of the backer.

In any case, things got ugly when they discovered that the maid’s work visa had been scratched off and now she had no place else to go or any method for doing a reversal.

At the point when the maid begged the couple that they demonstrate her kindness and deal with her until she inhales her toward the end in their home, the couple needed to think about.

Knowing the amount of a major choice that it was, they chose to talk about it. Subsequent to considering the way that she has nobody else left in her nation of origin, and that it would be amazingly out of line to release her, they chose to have a conviction-based action.

Presently, Salah – Al – Syoufi and his better half have been dealing with their maid for a long time. His better half deals with her as though she were her own sister: washing her, dressing her, and bolstering her. For them two, it is something that gives them a considerable measure of euphoria.

They say that in spite of the fact that that a few people may say that it is a weight, they have a feeling that they have gotten more joy than the amount they have given her.

Clearly, if their demonstration of consideration can be spread towards others, then we can at long last accomplish a general public where individuals don’t look downward on the heart breaking yet rather grasp them.

The Story of Maids who Save their Salaries to send it to their towns, and afterward still do it after their own homes were obliterated

A gathering of Sri Lankan, who gain between Dirham 1,200 to Dirham 2,000, who utilized send cash to the poor in their towns and additionally to their relatives, now need to live with the way that their whole lives work have been cleared away by the surges that attacked the Sri Lankan farmland.

The surges in Sri Lanka have dislodged around 300,000 individuals and huge numbers of those living there have lost their whole life’s investment funds and work, including these ladies. In any case, disregarding this, they will spend their pay rates on acquiring fundamental things that are required for these families who are confronting more hardship than they were.

For them, it is a continuation of a convention that they have included themselves in for as long as 9 years. This is the point at which they send those back in Sri Lanka essentials amid Ramadan, the period of giving. They will do this-this time too.

Their hearts are huge, for they have been gathering a scope of things, for example, cooking oil, sugar, milk powder, rice, grown-up diapers and even tinned sustenance with the goal that they can send it back to their home towns. Every one of them sends a case contained with all the key things, for which the shipment charges itself is entirely weighty, and has it booked for transportation.

At the point when there is a postponement in the delivery and amid middle periods, they will lay down with the holders themselves, where they will have it to cuddle near the compartments.

So why might they isn’t that right? Why might they go to such extraordinary lengths to spare a tremendous lump of their pay rates and have it send it back where they can’t utilize it?

All things considered, for them it is an obligation to their own particular individuals, it is charitableness and it is benevolence. Those qualities are barely found in the exclusive classes who flourish with independence and voracity yet don’t hesitate for the individuals who aren’t as lucky as them, regardless of the possibility that they were their own particular comrades.

Their confidence in God is their main impetus, and the amount of it they can channel that vitality chooses their capacity and fearlessness to proceed with a magnanimous motion.

They are modest to the point that they are not depending on other people why should willing give them the key things themselves since they would prefer not to weakness others.

Genuinely, their lowliness knows no restrictions, they are valuable. These maids have demonstrated that their enormous hearts, regardless of impediments and appearing sadness, will never vacillate, as they will keep on helping the individuals who they see need assistance.

The Story of a Philippine Maid who has become another family member to Australian Expatriates

The Story of Leny Alzaga is one of human benevolence and pluralism. She has been fortunate who have gotten herself coordinated into the family progressive. For her, this is her second family; the genuine one is back in the Philippines with four kids.

Hers is a story where the individuals who were benevolent to her not just gave her acknowledgment by approaching her with deference additionally give her the solace and extravagance that different maids could never get.

She lives in the place of Gareth Robinson, a New Lander who with his Australian spouse, has all day employments in the city, and in addition two kids, named Summer and Chase.

Consistently, she gets up at 6 a.m. when she repairs the sandwich and a couple of organic products for the grade school bound Summer, who is 6 years of age. When it is 7: 30 a.m., she goes off to get the wake the more youthful one from informal lodging him to the close-by Nursery. At that point she when she gets once more from home, she gets ready supper. At the point when the clock strikes 3:40 p.m., she goes to meet Summer who is dropped off from her transport, and after that to the Piano, Tennis, and Art Classes amid the week. The family supper would have been set up by her after she had dropped Chase at the Nursery, and which whatever remains of Robinsons eat once it has been warmed. Leny’s day closes at 8: 30 p.m. in the event that everything has worked out as expected, yet she unquestionably resigns when it’s 9:30 p.m. to her room, where she has everything that a home maid could request.

Mrs. Robinson says that on the grounds that Leny is a piece of the family, she has fabricated the room that imitates that haven that is their home, not something isolated or dirty. Yet, their most prominent demonstration of graciousness could be the level of flexibility that they appear to Leny, who can wander anyplace she needs amid leisure time and go to gatherings of her co-nationalists. Her most noteworthy euphoria is the point at which she can invest energy with her own particular family when the Robinsons go off on a get-away. Leny sees her excellent youngsters, four of them, and can go through three weeks with them, celebrated that she is improving their lives and upbeat that she herself has a family sitting tight for her back in Dubai.

For the Robinson, Leny is an irreplaceable individual from the family and from Mrs. Robinson’s own particular mouth, a joy and an astounding individual.


The Story of the Deprived Maid’s Daughter who gained Degrees and got refinement from Australian College

This is an account of conquering all chances and accomplishing triumph, this is the tale of Shahra Jafar Ali, and how she figured out how to transcend her obstructions and unfriendly condition to pick up achievement in her instructive vocation.

Shahfar was dependably a brilliant child, having gathered a plenty of trophies for greatness in her scholastics, yet lamentably, she could get away from the circumstances of her life. She was dealt with and gave by her mom, for her dad had kicked the bucket when she was only 10 years of age, and this implied her mom, who functions as a maid, has an intense occupation caring for her gigantic personality, and in addition the need so her two kin.

She would’ve wound up stopping imagining and acknowledge her destiny, yet she picks not to be disheartened, rather drew nearer a main Dubai Newspaper to get her story distributed so her predicament would be heard by kind souls who might give her the methods with which she can get herself an advanced education.

The story picked up footing, and a lot of good Samaritans ventured forward with their own gifts, however the best commitment to her bring about originated from the Murdoch University in Australia, who were so liberal as to allow her a 100 percent grant to get her profession going. They offered full enrolment to the University’s B.Sc Computer Science, an instruction that would have taken a tremendous toll on her maid mother’s funds, and even an ordinary white collar class family, for they would’ve needed to pay an entirety of around 140,000 dirhams on the off chance that they had needed to traverse the three years.

Danel Adkins was the scholarly chief of the University around then, and he was troubled about the way that such a skilled individual couldn’t get the instruction that she merits as a result of an absence of assets. For him, helping her eventual the best thing to do, for it is a promise of the University to give chances to the individuals who need it.

Gary Fernandes , who has real impact in the enlistment procedure, was elated at the way that such a splendid understudy like Shahra could be found and assisted. He says that her story is catching the brains and hearts of many people down under.

Shahra herself is upbeat totally euphoric about how much her life has changed subsequent to the story was keep running in the daily papers. She says that on the principal day she was told by her mom that she needed to buckle down and make everybody who helped her break through to this stage pleased by performing taking care of business.

The liberality of the hearts down under is without question since they have reliably helped Shahra with whatever help she required, and additionally giving her more youthful sibling the grant to contemplate there also. She is currently wanting to settle down there in the wake of getting her Masters and presenting to her own family with her too, including her home maid mother, who dealt with her through every one of these years, and now will get her due favors by being a piece of an awesome group of friends and family.

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