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Reasons to Trust Richboro PA Periodontist for All Oral Care Procedures

July 2, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Dental Care

Have you ever thought why our wisdom teeth are called so? They are the third molars and are referred to as “teeth of wisdom” as they generally appear much later than other teeth, usually between the ages of 17 and 25 when everyone reaches adulthood. Mostly according to linguists they are called wisdom teeth because they appear so late in life almost at an age when individuals are matured and enter adulthood and thus they are wiser. Wisdom teeth Newtown PA erupt when person is wiser and at times do not cause any problem.

However it is preventative to get them removed before they can cause problems because they have the potential to cause problems associated with the neighboring teeth and surrounding gums. It is not counter-intuitive to remove them before any issues erupt because these third molars and are farthest back in your jaws and for some individuals they come through the gum-line only partially, or they may not erupt into the mouth at all.

Many people have impacted wisdom teeth that are impacted or forced against neighboring structures, teeth or bone that prevent them from coming into the mouth in correct biting position. They have limited space to erupt as they are your last teeth to come in and thus spacing is severely affected. It is likely that they may push into the teeth already in place, obstructing something as they try to erupt. It is best to consult trusted Richboro PA Periodontist when wisdom teeth are trapped below the gum line and are pushing against adjacent teeth because these molars can cause further problems such as infections, cysts, or gum disease.

With a good periodontist at your side there is no need to fear implant surgery. Richboro PA dental implants have gained a popular reputation for their real appearance and longevity. These titanium posts are imbedded in the jawbone leading to titanium’s natural affinity with bone new cells grow and adhere to the dental implant over time, making their bond strong and durable.

When in the trained hands implant surgery is a routine undertaking and it does not cause much discomfort leading to high success rate. An experienced periodontist plans the procedure precisely. Individuals healthy enough for the procedure have no issues undergoing implant surgery. Dental implants are the modern options for replacing missing teeth. They are as good as your own teeth for a lifetime.

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