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Reap Social Media benefits for your Business

April 12, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Marketing & Advertising

Though social media strategies are now counted as conventional forms of marketing, many brands and companies are struggling to make upto the desired results. Perhaps, they are not able to set the right goals to start with.

2015 was the year of social media and so is 2016. Have you ever wondered which social metrics were able to make through this past year? Website traffic, social mentions, use of hashtags, follower counts are some of the factors that must be taken into account.

Let us deep-dive into the dazzling world of social media and come out with some popping/jaw-dropping facts and figures.

72 percent of US population accesses Internet on a daily basis, out of which nearly three quarters of people aged 18 and above have a Facebook profile. The same rings true for Pinterest with 31 percent of the population hooked on it and 25 percent of them spending their time on LinkedIn.

Instagram is the next big thing among the youth. Nine out of 10 users aged under 40 are on this photo-sharing app. In a way, you must be relaxed that your relatives are not on this social platform.

Recently, a new strategy has been added by Facebook – Livestream telling about the live updates of an event. Many brands and even Bollywood celebrities are adopting this feature to connect with their fans and in return, their fans remain abreast with the latest in popular bollywood!

Youtube is taking over the Television world. In the past few years, 18-49 year olds have switched from cable network to Youtube.

A recent survey conducted tells that an average American spends five hours in front of TV everyday equivalent to 20 days to watch the same amount of content shared on Youtube in 60 seconds. Doesn’t it make a great difference in bandwidth?

Do you use hashtags while updating your status on any of the social platforms? Hashtags are your friend and make your status 21 percent interactive. All this credit goes to Twitter for hashtag invention, which has since then been adoptedby many social sites.

Pinterest is an engaging online pinboard that has women hooked to it all the time, thanks to the innumerable fashion pins. With 70% women depending on Pinterest for their shopping, it is now emerging as an online shopping platform for women.

Are you a smartphone user with a Facebook app installed on your phone? If yes, then you are one of those 1.39 billion mobile monthly active users and this user stats pertaining to India only.

Are you facing a traffic accident or heading for divorce? Then, Google+ wil help you out.It has gone legal and 94 percent of top U.S. law firms have a Google+ page that will guide you towards the top legal eagles. After going through such facts and stats, I hope you have regained your faith in social media and just remember one tip – don’t tweet without using hashtags.

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