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Reap Social Media benefits to advance your career

March 23, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Advertising

”Your career is your business. It is time for you to manage it as a CEO.”

Don’t you allot your maximum time to social media? It is not just us, but research that suggests the same too. A recently conducted poll concluded that nearly half the respondents effectively use social media as a tool to advance their careers.

About 94 percent of recruiters and talent acquisition teams use LinkedIn as a channel to hire potential candidates. Eventually, a decent number of HR heads and organizations are circumventing to follow conventional recruitment norms and heading towards social media sites preferably LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Recent figures also report that LinkedIn has 332 million active users worldwide, followed by Twitter with 232 million users and then, it is Facebook’s turn with 1.39 billion users daily active users. Apparently, a survey conducted reveals that approximately 2.5 billion users will be on social channels by 2018 which implies more candidates to select from and job opportunities too.

Though there are many fields to choose from, but the social media manager is one of the most liable jobs where one gets an opportunity to manage celebrities social media feed.

Always make sure to update your social profile regularly as it is a liability. Apart from this, take care of the fact that it could hinder your professional growth or even halt your career. Till now, you must be experienced enough or in case, you are a fresher, then embed it as a permanent mark in your mind that a person’s first impression is done via his social profiles and contributions. Every bit and byte of you is Googled before you show up in person. Therefore, it is imperative to build a vivid digital you, be it for an ideal job, partnership, recruitment or clients.

Furthermore, to make an everlasting impression of your account, follow the 4C principle of social media – Customize, Communicate, Connect and Cultivate.

Enforce your will to put the best efforts in customizing your profile with reasonable boundaries that helps you stand out in the crowd.
Involve yourself in social networks for what it is intended for, to be sociable and communicate. Deploy Linkedin message functionality to communicate with relevant people in your network or with recruiters.
Make a consistent connect with relevant people. Allow yourself to be available in loop when certain discussions take place on a relevant post. Keep your profile as engaging as possible.
Cultivate your network to leverage any opportunity that arises.

Though the process of using social media as a tool is a bit perplexing, but once you mastered it, you will have a shower of bright career opportunities. celelebrities social media feed

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