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Private Company Registration- How it is Beneficial

August 25, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Business

Starting a business is not only about spending the huge investment. Before going to establish a company person requires to choose the best type of business entity considering all the significant factors. Compliance burden, registration process, taxation, annual filings, ownership liabilities, exit strategy and investment options are some of the vital things that a novice must keep into account. In India, there are several kinds of business entities that one can choose such as Public Limited Company, Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Partnership, One Person Company, Private Company and Partnership.

Private company is the most popular type of company that has myriads of advantages. Those who are looking to set up a scalable business should choose this legal structure for businesses. Private Company Registration is the first and foremost task that must be executed in legal way before starting a business. This process is not so difficult in India but an entrepreneur need to have little bit knowledge of the Companies Act.

For most of the people especially the beginners, million dollar questions arise before them such as how to start a company, how many members can be there, how much to invest, what is the procedure of registering a private company and many more.

Private company is that type of business entity which stands between the widely owned public company and partnership firm. It requires minimum of two members (two shareholders and two directors) and can be extend up-to two hundred. These days, most of the startups prefer this business entity because it helps them to increase venture capital funding and also offers numbers of advantages.

Benefits of Private Company

  • Limited Liability of members
  • A company has the better borrowing capacity
  • Own legal entity
  • Enjoy long term business continuity
  • Tax advantages
  • Maintain business secrecy
  • Ability to take quick and right decisions
  • Private company can form and start the business immediately

Whether you are planning to start a new private company or running the existing one, it is mandatory to have a Private Company Registration in India. No matter how much efforts and investment you have made to set up the firm or bring the business to a good position, you must have a solid valid proof for your business. In simpler terms, you must have any legal document proof proving that company is completely yours and you are the owner of a company. If the company is completely registered, there is no need to provide with a legal business proof.

Doing the registration ensures that an entrepreneur can run a successful business with uninterrupted existence under the company name. Private Company registration is still considered as the most challenging and tiresome task because various legal formalities are involved. An entrepreneur requires various kinds of documents such as PAN card copy, copy of identity as well as address proof and Passport size photographs. A complete process including several steps needs to follow. Registering a company with the help of Charted Accountant or Company Secretary becomes easy with no hassles.

There are numbers of leading names that provide Private Company Registration in Delhi. So choose the best company and focus on business idea by leaving registration process on experts.

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