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Preserving Enamel Is Easy Now With These Simple Tips

June 23, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Dental Care

Enamel is what you see of the teeth when someone smiles or opens their mouth. Despite forming the outer covering of the teeth, it also helps to protects it from the foods you consume or any temperature change. It is the hardest part of the human body. But, that doesn’t make it safe from erosion and tooth decay.

Unfortunately, once the enamel is gone, it cannot be restored by any other means. So all you can do is preventing any damage to the enamel. Follow these dental tips and protect your smile,

– The most basic thing in dental care is the way you brush the teeth. Brush your teeth often and while doing so don’t brush too hard and use soft bristle toothbrush and floss in a proper way.

– Regular flossing is the only way to clean the sides of the teeth and to get rid of any plagues hiding between them. Using floss that has fluoride; it gives additional protection to the enamel.

– Getting the spaces between the teeth clean can be very difficult. In that case, try to use iso-Active gel that can get expanded into the gaps when you brush. Some types of these gels have enamel rebuilding properties too.

– Avoid biting or chewing anything other than food such that pencils, pen, nails etc.

– High consumptions of sodas which may contain acids are not recommended.

– Don’t grind your teeth. While sleeping, you can use mouth guard to prevent grinding.

– Diets that may be high in sugar should be avoided.

– Medicines like Aspirins and antihistamines contain lots of acid and erosive substances. Avoid using those medicines.

– Do not replace your teeth as a bottle opener and to crack nuts. It could chip your teeth and destroy the enamel.

– Keep your mouth moist by drinking plenty of water.

– Xylitol is a substance that is found in some sugar free chewing gums. When chewed, Xylitol can help stimuli saliva that can restore minerals to the tooth enamel. This remineralization strengthens the teeth and protects it from dental erosion.

– If you have teeth discoloration, sensitivity, or indentations visit your dentist right away.

You may have heard that prevention is better than cure but in this case, enamel prevention is the only cure. So start preserving your enamel now….!

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