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Popularity of MR16 Bulbs

June 7, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Interior Design

MR16 are well known low voltage bulbs, where the prefix MR stands for multifaceted reflector. Number 16 refers to the diameter of width of the bulb’s front face in eights of an inch. Small reflective mirrors characterize MR bulbs. This characteristic concentrates light source into a narrow beam angle. These lamps offer surprising versatility in case of precision light management like restaurants, bars, art galleries, where a well placed source of light creates a magnificent ambience.

MR16 bulbs use GU5.3 fittings consisting of 2 straight metal prongs inserted directly into the corresponding socket. GU is known as bi-pin fitting that Reginald Fessenden invented in 1893 for the World’s Fair in Chicago.
MR16 lights operate at 12 volts and require an electronic transformer or ferromagnetic transformer to “step down” voltage.

The main variant of MR16 lights is the GU10. These are MR16 adapted to work along with the mains voltage. Havells Sylvania developed these in 1997, unlike the MR16 use a bi-pin twist lock base. This ensures they cannot be accidently interchanged with low voltage counterpart or vice versa.

MR16 bulbs are eco friendly alternatives as well as a money saving option compared to the other available options. So, if you are looking for a long lasting alternative, MR16 bulbs are the best options that you can think of.

Once you have installed the LEDs in your office or home, you can understand the difference in your savings. If you have a large sized home, it will be easier for you to see the difference in energy use between the LED lights and the incandescent lights.

Long life and efficiency are some aspects you think of, when it comes to cost and long term use. LED lightings are not only suitable for the interiors; you can use the lightings in your driveway and backyard as well. Your garden area will not only look good, you will also end up making substantial savings this way.

MR16 bulbs are environment friendly and are made of harmless materials that do not pollute. So, if you want to be a part of saving the global environment, using LED lights is another effective way that you can try.

Apart from using the LED lights for lighting the interiors and the exteriors, they can be used for flash lights as well. LED lights consume less energy, yet produces stronger beam of light, making it easier for you to see in the dark. MR16 bulbs are used for accent lighting and landscaping lighting as well. The diverse use has increased popularity of the LED lights these days.

MR16 bulbs are just the right solution for you, when you are looking for a long term solution and trying to save money.

If you are planning to change to MR16 LED bulbs, considering the existing transformers is one of the main aspects that you cannot overlook. The transformers must be designed to handle low loads, and they must compensate their direct current requirement of the LEDs.

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