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Pneumatic Pump Systems and Their Applications In the Industries

February 19, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Industrial Mechanical, Technology

Pneumatics is known as a branch of physics that uses gas or pressurized air in their operation. Pneumatic systems are tremendously used in the industry and they are usually powered by compressed inert gases or compressed air. Located in the center, an electrically powered compressor drives the cylinder, air motors, and many other parts of the machinery.

Which Industries Make Use Of Pneumatic Pumps?

Typically, a pneumatic system that functions manually or by using automated solenoid valves is selected because it provides a more flexible, cost effective and safer alternative to other electric motors or actuators. The use of pneumatics is found in manifold industries such as mining, dentistry, construction, and other areas.

Factory automation encompasses the largest sector that works on pneumatics technology, which is tremendously used for manipulating products in processing, manufacturing, and packaging operations. Pneumatics is immensely used in medical and food processing tools. Pneumatics is usually considered as pick-and-place technology, where pneumatic components work together to perform the same repetitive operation numerous times in a day.  Because compressed air can offer a cushioning effect, it is often called on to deliver a pleasant touch than what hydraulics or electromechanical drives can typically provide. In several applications, pneumatic pumps system are used more for their ability to provide controlled pressing for delivering fast and repetitive motion. Moreover, electronic controls can offer pneumatic systems positioning accuracy corresponding to that of hydraulic and other electromechanical technologies.

Pneumatic systems are generally used in factories that use compressed air in their operation because a constant supply can be made by compressing the atmospheric air. The air used in the process is free from moisture, and a small quantity of oil is added at the compressor to prevent corrosion and lubricate mechanical elements.

Pneumatic pump systems are generally used in the factories. They do not create poisonous leakage, since the gas used in these systems is air. However, various small and stand alone systems make use of other compressed gases that exhibit an asphyxiation hazard, for instance – nitrogen. This gas is often called as OFN (oxygen-free-nitrogen).

Pneumatic pump systems are popular for their simple design and control. They are manufactured using standard cylinders and operate via a simple on/off control. Besides this, pneumatic systems usually have a long life span and need a bit of maintenance to keep it running for several years. Since the gas is highly compressible, the equipment is not prone to unexpected shocks and damage.

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