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Pilates Classes for Pregnant Women

July 12, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Fitness

Pilates classes helps in conditioning the mind and the body that develops the body uniformly. Pilates is a good way to improve your endurance, mobility, flexibility and body strength. If you are looking for the safest ways to stay fit, Pilates classes are the best alternative for you. The relaxing exercises offer you a calm feeling and supplies additional energy that is extremely beneficial in course of pregnancy.

Pilates focuses on the entire body, but gives special emphasis is given to the pelvic floor and the “core” muscles. Strengthening the pelvis floor muscles aids in childbirth. The other benefits that you can expect with Pilates classes is improved circulation, coordination, balance, strength and muscle tone, posture and spinal alignment.

Since Pilates is highly adaptable, it is another reason why it is highly suggested during pregnancy. Most of the exercises are modified according to the ability of the body as well as your body type. You can enjoy a better sleep and address problems such as headaches, backaches, strains, and release tension from your shoulders and neck with regular Pilates. Any pregnant woman will love to get be guided to take care of these ailments when she is carrying.
You must not make the mistake of considering Pilates to be a “cure-all program”. If you are pregnant, it is highly important that you discuss with your doctor about your plans of joining a Pilates class.

Getting in touch with the Pilates instructors are also highly important if you have never attended a Pilates class before. For the first timers, there are pre-natal Pilates classes, where you get personalized attention from the instructors. You must not start exercising on your own, if you are not aware of the fundamentals of Pilates.

While joining good pre natal Pilates classes, instructors offer you the following instructions:

1.  You should avoid some positions like lying on the tummy or back, standing on a single leg support, as these can be dangerous during your mid pregnancy phase and beyond.

2.  You must not stretch joints to the full extent, particularly when you are in an unsupported position. This is mainly because of the fact that hormone relaxing may have made your ligaments loose.

3.  Your wrists might ache when you put all your weight on your knees and hands. You might end up suffering from a carpel tunnel syndrome. You should be under the supervision of your instructor when you lean forward on an exercise ball.

Pilates can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy if you follow the right instructions. It will surely boost up your energy level and make labor easier for you. So, if you are looking for a good Pilates class, you may look online and gather information about the kind of services they offer. You will be practically sailing through your pregnancy with relative ease, when you have the right instructors with you. So, enjoy this special phase in your life with Pilates classes.

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