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Picking Your Ideal Rustic Coffee Table

April 29, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Home Improvement

The coffee table in your living area is a very hardworking piece of furniture. It not only holds books, drinks, snacks, remotes, etc., but is also often used as a foot rest when sitting on the couch. Children of the house may use it to keep games while playing, or paints while coloring. This little fixture is surely a multitasker!

An elegant rustic coffee table will not only enhance the beauty of the area, but will also complete the entire look of the room. Be it for storage or display, you must determine what kind of table you want for your home – round, square or rectangle; hardwood or glass top; low floor or high table – the choices are endless. Here are a few factors, which will help you in picking the right fixture for your house:

1.  Budget

There is no fixed price range for any furniture piece. You can buy a completely budget friendly option or an ultra-expensive table. A higher percentage of the budget is usually allocated to bigger furniture pieces like sofa sets, couch and lighting. Therefore, an ideal way to go about this is buy all the furniture for your living room and then allocate the remainder budget for the coffee table.

2.  Shape

Deciding the shape of the coffee table is a tricky task. A round or oval table allows more walking space and has no sharp corners, making it ideal for a house with pets or kids. On the other hand, a rectangular table might give a more symmetrical feel as it will match with the shape of your couch. The ideal height of a coffee table is equal to the height of your sofa cushions, lengthwise, it should be 2/3rd the length of the sofa and there should be at least 12-18 inches of walking space on all sides.

3.  Usage

Another important factor that you must consider before buying the coffee desk is how you are going to use it. Do you want it for storage? If yes, how many drawers or other storage space do you need. As the main purpose of the table is to put down the glasses and plates when dining in the living room, you must make sure that it has a stable counter top. On the contrary, if décor is your main purpose, then you can experiment with the table top and look for carved or asymmetrical designs.

4.  Material

Rustic coffee tables are made of wood. However, the type of wood you select will set the tone for your living area. While maple and oak wood tables look more casual and create an informal setting, walnut and cherry add a more sophisticated and formal feel.

Carefully selected furniture can make your room look chic and stylish. You can even experiment and transform an old trunk or a chest into a stylish rustic coffee table and make it a centerpiece of your living area!


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