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Partner Up with Wholesale Florists from Mexico for Garden Fresh Blossoms

March 11, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Shopping

A business in flowers is a lucrative field and the urban folks today are increasingly leaning towards farmers’ markets selling garden fresh natural riches. Nobody values synthetic imitations of an article as beautiful as a flower. Therefore whenever it is time to celebrate an occasion, be it nuptials, birth anniversaries or even an event of mourning, flowers immediately become relevant. The interest in blossoms grown in the exotic suburbs of rural Mexican lands is now multiplying for sale in the most respectable circles of urbanites. As a floral retailer you can contact one of the wholesalers sourcing their items from the virgin lands of rural Mexico. Besides a lot of garden fresh cultured blossoms you are also facilitated with an incredibly reduced price. Direct marketing of flowers, from the field directly transferred to the end-seller  is not practiced much, a more practical way of doing commerce in floristry is through flower kiosks set up at important streets and even in shopping malls.


Roses for Value

A huge demand for roses has grown in the customer circles. Rose being the symbol of sensuality, love and many other virtues is a sought-after article among lovers. A practice of presenting this flower to the beloved has always been the norm. Therefore, as an ambitious urban flower marketer you must focus on keeping a good stock of this eternally cherished flower. There is perhaps nothing else that can express as beautifully as a rose. A wise decision would be to partner up with the largest wholesale floral marketer of the US’s East Coast. Roses wholesale prices are amazingly attractive in this season. Celebrate with many colors of roses this coming of spring. Besides the most popular blush red roses, there are also varieties available in yellow, pink and white. These roses sourced from Mexico are famous for their mesmerizingly vibrant color and a distinctively intense magical fragrance. You can actually add value to your floral business this season with exotically grown roses. You will always have many options in roses to offer to your respected clients and have them coming back.

Lily1High End Logistics

Mexico today is standing out one of the best exporters of fresh and vibrant blossoms, exclusively nurtured for sale in the US. Companies operating in this area are also fully equipped with good logistics system. The flowers are sent to the US packed in flat boxes. This way, a good bunch of fresh blossoms could be packed in small units but only the types which can withstand a long period of transportation are treated this way. Flowers such as orchids, daisies, gerberas and water lilies are marked for not being able to withstand long hours of choking packaging. These flowers are sent with sealed plastic containers of water. These flowers are immersed in water till the stock. In many cases large bunch of flowers are also transported in buckets filled with water.

The indigenous method of horticulture practiced by the Mexican people is different from the mainstream ways. That is why flowers from Mexico stand out to be amazing in every sense.

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