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Outdoor Occupations Accelerate The Ageing Process, But How?

April 25, 2016 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

The human fiber devising agents, collagen and elastin, are an integral part of our skin. These delicate proteins bear the brunt of blazing sun in outdoor occupations such as marketing jobs. The relentless kisses of UV rays on the face accelerates the process of ageing and the ‘hands to mouth’ victim is shell-shocked by the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes and sagging skin from nowhere. An outdoor marketing job may be more lucrative than a sitting job, but looking forty five at the age of fifty is too big a price to pay for a more swollen bank account. So, how can a person cling on to the financial gains afforded by an outdoor job and at the same time, prevent early ageing due to persistent gaze of the sun?

Rather than diving into a pool of intricacies, seek easy answers for how to repair sun damaged skin.

Extract The Most Out Of Your Sunscreen

The deservedly overhyped solution to prevent the degenerative impact of UV rays is to wear a sunscreen before stepping out. But if you are involved in an outdoor occupation, onetime application of sunscreen may not suffice. After a few hours, the strength of the sunscreen wears off and to ensure that you are still protected from the UV rays, wearing a fresh layer of the sunscreen is a must. Put a sunscreen in your travel bag and use if after every two hours till you are outdoors.

Uncover The Healthy Epithelium

If your face has lost its luster due to long hours under the sun, you can regain the lost glow in no time with an exfoliation cream. Pay heed to the indications given on its pack to do way with the lifeless, upper layer of the skin and expose a young, healthy epithelium. The markets are jam-packed with exfoliating solutions, so have a session with your skin specialist to arrive at the best alternative for yourself.

Feed The Weary Epithelium From Outside

Eat skin-friendly diet to rejuvenate your skin from inside and apply rejuvenating oils to breathe new life into your skin from the outside. In this regard, vitamin A oil is the best pick, as it aids in generation of collagen and also reverses the degenerative impact of harsh UV rays on your skin.

Seek Dermatological Help

Fix an appointment with a seasoned dermatologist and he can breathe new life into our weary skin with a chemical peel. In this procedure, a gentle chemical is used to expose the fresh epithelium in place of the old, flaky skin.

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